Zinc Supplement for Common Colds: Side Effects, Dosage, & Uses

Oh, the pandemic! Oh, the virus! Oh, our immunity!

What are we going to do if the vaccine for the Covid-19 virus takes longer than expected? What are we going to do during every cold and cough season? Are we going to give in and let ourselves get infected? Or, are we going to stand up and fight together?

I bet you want to work on your immune system so you can stay away from viruses and bacteria. And when you think of immunity, you know you want zinc supplements. If you’re wondering ‘how’, here’s how…

What is zinc?

Zinc is a dietary nutrient present in many foods. Each and every cell of our bodies get zinc and produce protein. This gives our body the energy and vitality to fight diseases and illnesses.

However, most people have zinc deficiency which also results in weaker metabolism, digestion, and immune system. You must consume at least one item that gives you your daily dose of zinc. You may eat wild rice, beef, yogurt, peanuts, peas, beans, or oysters.

Who are Zinc Supplements for?

Zinc Supplements are for the people who have a weaker immune system or want to strengthen their immunity. Some people who can’t consume zinc-filled foods on a daily basis may have a zinc deficiency.

Or, some people’s bodies don’t absorb zinc nutrient eleven after consuming zinc-filled foods. In such cases, zinc supplements are consumed. Doctors say how people who’re prone to cold and cough very often should consume zinc supplements.

How does Zinc Supplement work?

Most zinc supplements take care of zinc absorption and detoxification of the body. These supplements are to be consumed in a limited amount only. As declared by WHO, a certain amount of Zinc is vital for a certain age group of males and females.

Health professionals advice 8mg zinc intake for females and 11mg zinc intake for males. So if you plan to take a supplement, you must check your intake.

There’s not just one form of zinc…

While you go on to buy a zinc supplement, be very careful of which type of zinc you buy.

There are three common forms of zinc supplements available on the market today.

  • Zinc Gluconate: This can be used to help accelerate the growth of the body in children and treat common cold and flu.
  • Zinc Sulfate: This form of zinc is mainly used to treat zinc deficiency or boost the immune system in adults.
  • Zinc Acetate: This is mainly used to treat Wilson’s disease and aids immunity.

How does Zinc in Zinc Supplements treat colds?

Colds are so common these days. Everyone is affected with influenza, common cold and cough these days. The people who are affected by colds are the ones whose cells are not rapidly absorbing nutrients and minerals.

In order to treat it, Zinc supplements are a must. Also, colds stay longer than any fever. Though other symptoms may subside, you will feel a stuffy nose even after some days. These colds can only be treated if your body receives adequate nutrition to repair the rapid absorption mechanism.

To ensure zinc deficiency is treated, most zinc supplements include some other vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C or Magnesium. Consuming a whole formula like this could actually lead to a stronger defence mechanism towards common cold and cough.

What are some of the best Zinc Supplements for Colds?

Some of the best zinc supplements include these from Amazon.com.

This supplement is a combination of Vitamin C and Zinc to fight any viral cold and flu. It has blends of zinc with other essential nutrients that help zinc get absorbed rapidly, so you remain immune to diseases always.

This supplement has the most appropriate amounts of zinc and supported minerals to boost your immunity power. By taking 2 capsules at a time, your body will be able to fight any bacteria or virus that try to enter.

This raw formula full of zinc and vitamin C helps boost your immune system as well as promote good skin. It ensures the daily value of zinc is absorbed by the body so you never have a zinc deficiency.

By taking this supplement every day, you help your body nourish and enhance the defence mechanism towards diseases and common colds. It helps ease the symptoms of colds and flu.

This dietary supplement is extremely popular on amazon and every other market. It supports immunity during the winter season as most people have colds during the winter.

When should you take Zinc Supplements for colds?

Usually, people experience colds and common flu during or right before the winter season. Some people are prone to colds during monsoon too. If you know you experience it very often during these seasons, you’re advised to start taking Zinc Supplements right before that particular season.

Though common colds and flu have similar symptoms, they’re not caused by the same group of viruses. So you may want to check with your doctor if you have a common cold caused by common rhinoviruses or an influenza type A/B/C flu.

Depending on the type of colds you have, you should consume zinc supplements as a precaution and immunity booster.

If you belong to these categories, you should buy zinc supplements today.

  • Smoker: Most smokers have a weak respiratory system. In such cases, people can catch colds easily.
  • Menopause: Women in this stage of life have a hormonal imbalance, weaker metabolism and immune system.
  • Children below the age of 6: Most kids don’t like eating green vegetables and fruits, this causes their immune system to become weaker.
  • Diabetics: As diabetics have a weaker immune system, they can be prone to colds easily.
  • Terminally ill: When recovered or ill, these patients have extremely delicate and weaker immunity power.
  • Recurring Colds: People who are often caught up with a stuffy nose and sinuses, have chances of catching colds easily.

The people in these categories must consume zinc supplements as advised by their physicians.

Are there any claims that suggest Zinc Supplements can really cure colds?

Yes, a very systematic and statistics prove that Zinc Supplements can shorten the duration of colds and reduce the symptoms also.

Many studies explain how taking zinc for at least 5 months can help your immunity grow stronger permanently. It is a permanent solution to making your immune system stronger so you never have to struggle with colds again.


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