YK11 SARMS Review: Benefits & Side Effects Reviewed

yk11History of YK11

Most bodybuilders focus attention on YK11 as the key that unlocks the body’s full potential and to achieve muscle gains fast with little side effects. Based on reviews, YK11 appears to be a super SARM, but in reality, is this true? In this article, science and studies are broken down to give you a clear idea of what YK11 is, as well as its risks and side effects.

YK11 is an incomplete androgen receptor agonist with an exclusive action on the cells of muscle and bone tissues. It was discovered in 2011 by a Japanese researcher called Yuichiro Kanno, and he named it potential anabolic SARM. Although, the name is confusing because YK11 is a SARM similar to steroids – a likely steroid instead of a SARM.

Almost all the research surrounding SARM are accessible in Japanese. And, apart from the supposed benefits that YK11 uses in improving lean muscle mass, it also helps to suppress DHT (5-α-dihydrotestosterone) action in specific areas of the body. Someday, this might be a potential hair loss treatment.

Also, it is proven to boost follistatin’s upregulation – a myostatin antagonist. The unskilled see Myostatin as a protein similar to controlling mechanism of the muscle, stopping it from becoming larger. Or, visualize it as an in-built trigger in the body that prevents the body from becoming the popular Incredible Hulk. Stopping myostatin action should encourage YK11 to help boost lean muscle mass.

Although these are theories, the only test conducted on YK11 take place in a test tube on C2 and C12 cells. It means YK11 was released on the cells on a slider beneath a microscope.

What is YK11?

YK11 is a brand-new synthetic steroid established on DHT, a hormone that occurs naturally in the human body. DHT is an intense form of testosterone that aim at androgen receptors in the sex organ, prostate, liver, and hair.

Bodybuilders are developing an interest in YK11 because it builds muscles very fast with little side effects, just like most SARMs. The molecules of YK11 is closer to steroids than SARMs, though it’s categorized with other non-steroidal SARMs.

While a cellular study suggests the compound increases muscle mass, researchers discovered that it increases follistatin (a myostatin inhibitor), a protein responsible for muscle-building. According to another survey on bone cells, YK11 also show a tendency of enhancing bone health by increasing the levels of bone-building proteins.

Despite the practical body-building abilities of YK11, it has an unclear safety profile because it has no human or animal studies yet. For this reason, YK11, together with other steroids and SARMs, has been banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency in professional sports.


  • May boost fat-burning
  • Increases muscle growth
  • Likely to increase bone strength
  • Little side effects compared to steroids


  • Steroidal form (not a typical SARM)
  • Suppresses testosterone
  • No animal or human studies
  • Unknown long-term risks

Dosage of YK11

The recommended dosage for new users is 5 mg, which is helpful, but Anecdotal report shows that the most common dosage by users is 10-15 mg per day. Another report indicates that some users take 30 mg without any side effect. The cycle usually takes between 4 and 8 weeks. For females, reports show they take 0.5-2 mg doses per day.

There are no studies yet on the half-life of YK11, but a dosing strategy is adopted – splitting each daily dose in two. Taking two doses of YK11 a day should make the levels more stable although there is no clinical evidence to back it up. Some users take the compound by mouth, but others use muscle injections.

According to anecdotal evidence, it suggests stacking YK11 with other SARMs will offer more superior results. When accumulating YK11 with other SARMs like RAD140 or LGD-4033, the dose of YK11 is expected to come down to 5-10 mg per day.

Benefits of YK11

1. Fat Loss

Any potent androgen has the possibility to reduce the levels of fat that you’re carrying automatically. This occurs as a result of a little increase in metabolism and increased muscle mass.

2. Lean Muscles Mass

Peradventure YK11 comes closer to the reports gathered by the researchers, then it’s potentially one of the most effective mass building SARMs. It is because the compound induce androgen receptors and as well as inhibits Myostatin – big muscles recipe. But, does it affect sexual organs or the prostate? Being a partial (or an incomplete) agonist, it leaves the gonads alone except researchers come up with new observations in the coming years.

3. Strength

Similar to other powerful SARMs like RAD and LGD, you should expect to experience a rapid boost in strength when you’re taking YK11.

What Happens to the Muscle Gains After You Stop Using YK11?

Retaining your gains will depend solely on the level of increases you acquired during the cycle as well as your approach towards PCT and the post-cycle nutrition. Apart from these, eat clean, visit the gym, and lift as much as you can for your cycle days. Then, take a bit of MK-677 to guarantee you retain most of it – you should be good with that!

Side Effects of YK11

So far, YK11 has been studied in cells, and there is no clinical information on its side effects at the moment. Not even a study on animals have been carried out.

A study carried out on a cell shows that YK11 increases the levels of follistatin. And, high follistatin is likely to increase the risk of skin, stomach, prostate, and esophagus cancer. On the contrary, it may have benefits for cancer of the breast.

The chemical structure of YK11 looks similar to other steroids in term of toxicity to the liver. This is clear evidence that YK11 may also have toxic effects on the liver. Therefore, theoretically, it may also affect hair growth, vocal cords, prostate, and other organs.

But beyond science, the information received from the body-building communities give more insight into the likely side effects of YK11. These include:

– Hair loss
– Mild acne
– Low energy
– Joint pain
– Increased aggression
– Mild testosterone suppression


YK11, being a new steroid-SARM hybrid, has a steroid form as well as the selectivity of non-steroidal SARMs. Till date, only the research carried out on cells confirm that it can build muscles through the inhibition of Myostatin. It may also be used to strengthen bones, which may help to prevent fractures.

According to users report, significant gains come from bulking and cutting cycles – 4-8 weeks. A result that only few other SARMs can challenge. On the contrary, YK11 may cause joint pain, hair loss, and testosterone suppression. Although there are little side effects, PCT is compulsory according to many experienced users.