Turmeric Supplements Uses, Benefits & Side Effects For Kidneys

Turmeric Supplements Uses, Benefits & Side Effects For Kidneys

Some say you can live with one kidney, but I ask, ‘WHY?’ I don’t understand why people take their kidneys for so granted. They barely hydrate themselves and eat so many junk foods.

This is just so unhealthy. Kidney stones, cancer or failure could be life-threatening, I’m sure you know that.

Before it is too late for you, me and each one of us, I want to tell you how beneficial a traditional spice can be for our kidneys. It can literally reduce inflammation and filter them. It is none other than ‘TURMERIC’!

TURMERIC is a super-spice!

What are Turmeric Supplements?

Most of us know turmeric as the curry spice. However, it is a very common ingredient in Asia, especially India. It is used in everyday recipes and most people add it as a habit. Since the curcumin in turmeric is very beneficial and has many medicinal properties, it has been considered to be an excellent spice for your overall health.

Although it is so beneficial, sadly, curcumin cannot be absorbed well every time you have turmeric. Hence, professionals make turmeric supplements where they serve you about 500-2000 mg of turmeric daily so your body can absorb its active components quickly. The supplements have other ingredients in very little quantities that help curcuminoids get absorbed faster.

How can Turmeric Supplements help improve kidney conditions?

Our kidneys dispose of the garbage from our body. Imagine the responsibility and burden on them for working well always.

In such cases, when you don’t drink enough water and eat a lot of junk food, or have a very poor lifestyle, your kidney may suffer from inflammation.

Turmeric Supplements serve your body with a lot of curcuminoids that help relieve that inflammation almost instantly.

When should one use Turmeric Supplements? Can one rely on them for their kidney’s health?

Turmeric supplements can be used normally as well. If you normally want to keep your health in the best condition, have turmeric supplements regularly.

In the case of Kidney diseases, you must consult your doctor and receive a complete treatment. Your doctor will prescribe medicines, tests and even surgery if needed. Ensure you do everything as suggested. Along with the treatment, you can opt for turmeric supplements as they can help improve the condition faster. 

And, yes, you can rely on turmeric supplements for your kidney’s health. However, there are fewer pieces of evidence to prove that these supplements alone can cure chronic kidney diseases. They can cure you at the beginning of the problems.

What are the benefits of Turmeric Supplement for your Kidneys?

If you use the most organic turmeric supplement regularly, it will have the following benefits for your kidneys:


  • Reduces Kidney Inflammation:

When our kidneys start deteriorating, we often have severe inflammation that leads to further damage.

A compound in turmeric is active and has anti-inflammatory properties that are stronger than medicines too. It is called curcumin.

  • Helps Detoxify Your Body:

Turmeric helps flush out all the waste particles from your body since the excess waste causes the kidney to inflame.

Your kidney is formed to flush out waste but when it fails to do so, you need the help of turmeric to help it purify your blood and body.

  • Improves Cardiovascular Health:

Most kidney patients have a risk of developing heart problems because of the toxin buildup in the body.

This causes cholesterol, clogged arteries and stroke as well. Turmeric supports heart health.

  • Treats Diabetes:

Turmeric helps your body overcome insulin resistance which is the main cause of all diabetes problems.

It further helps treat patients with diabetes completely so they can heal faster.

  • Treats many Kidney Diseases:

Turmeric is helpful in treating many Urinary Tract Infections, Renal Stones, Chronic Kidney Disease, Acute Kidney Injury, Nephrotic Syndrome, and Congenital Diseases.


Which are some of the best Turmeric Supplements for Kidney Health Improvement?

We have picked the top 5 turmeric supplements best for kidney health here:

This supplement comes in the form of easy to swallow capsules that help cleanse your liver, kidneys and arteries so you never have to worry about having stones or renal failure again.

The supplement is originally formulated to cleanse your liver so you could eat better and your body doesn’t put all the load on your kidneys. It has received a great response as well.

As the name suggests, this supplement is completely herbal and has no side-effects. It supports your kidneys and ensures they function well always. It helps to treat kidney stones as well.

This turmeric-based supplement helps improve your immunity and treats your liver, heart and kidneys which are related to each other.

This supplement has gained popularity recently for its ability to treat urinary tract infections, kidney failures and other controls. 

Can Turmeric Supplements have any side-effects?

No, turmeric supplements are proven to be safe. This is only when you consume the suggested or recommended dosage.

However, consuming too much turmeric can lead to some side-effects in the long run. People may experience an increase in their liver size, stomach ulcer, intestinal or liver cancer etc.

That’s because turmeric is a very warm spice and it should be consumed in a limit always. If you want to increase or decrease the dosage of a supplement, you should consult your doctor always.

Also, studies suggest pregnant women to avoid taking such supplements. Kids below the age of 18 and the ones who chronic diseases should always talk to their doctors before taking any natural or health supplements.

Are there any studies to support the claim that Turmeric Supplements are safe and beneficial for Kidneys?

In a recent study conducted by PubMed, the researchers found out, “Current treatments do not address the inflammation and fibrosis that mediate progression to ESRD, but micro-particle curcumin, a natural health product, has both anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrotic properties and may be an effective treatment for patients with CKD.”

This proves the safety and efficiency of consuming Turmeric Supplements for kidney diseases’ treatment.

Curcumin is the Best Solution for Kidney Diseases!

People across the globe have started accepting turmeric for its curcumin component. No wonder so many manufacturers are making turmeric supplements these days.

Make sure you check the labels before you buy any natural supplement to see if it contains allergens. 















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