Turmeric Supplement For Skin Benefits Uses & Side Effects

Turmeric Supplement For Skin Benefits Uses & Side Effects

Our skin defines our beauty, personality and charisma. Many people have dry, oily, patchy, rough or pigmented skin.

Sometimes our skin problems occur due to poor diet and lifestyle choices. Whereas sometimes it is simply not our faults. We might be victims of the harsh Sunrays, UV rays or pollution. Genes and hereditary problems also matter.

It’s not so easy to overcome skin diseases or conditions as it takes years to improve texture, condition and glow of the skin. However, using some natural spices or their supplements could benefit a lot, for example, turmeric.

What is Turmeric? Why is it so good?

Turmeric is a simple, yellow spice mainly used in Asia. It is a major ingredient in many Asian recipes, especially curry.

Turmeric has a special compound called Curcumin. It is extremely famous for its health benefits in humans as well as animals.

This natural spice comes from the turmeric plant. Curcumin is a very good compound that saves us from numerous chronic diseases, especially inflammation: the mother of all diseases.

What are the properties of Turmeric?

Turmeric’s curcumin has many fantastic properties that you would be shocked to know about.

  • It is an anti-inflammatory spice.
  • It has many antioxidants.
  • It is antibacterial and clears out bacterial acne.
  • It is antimicrobial and clears out spots.
  • It is antifungal and saves you from ringworm.
  • It is an anti-cancer spice that helps you recover from skin-related cancers.

Many more properties of this spice help your skin look flawless.

How is Turmeric good for your skin?

Turmeric is now used in many skin care products or cosmetic products too. The reason why they use turmeric for skin is that the curcumin component is said to naturally lift your skin, prevent ageing and stop inflammation.

Curcumin naturally stops your skin from ageing because it contains many antioxidants that are vital for your skin. It helps in the production of collagen too.

How should you use Turmeric for your skin?

There are many skincare products available for your use. You may use them directly or try home remedies. Some people apply turmeric face masks, mix turmeric with gram powder and scrub their skin, or even make turmeric ice cubes to rub on their skin.

This is very effective in some cases but not everyone’s skin can absorb turmeric topically. Even when you consume the spice regularly, it may not be as effective as you think. You may just use the warm spice too much without being able to absorb it well.

This can be very harmful to your skin as eating a lot of warm spices can also cause acne outbreaks. Hence, experts suggest taking a turmeric supplement every day for perfect absorption and instant effects. 

What do Turmeric Supplements do to your skin?

Let us have a look at the benefits of Turmeric Supplements. Let us understand for which skin conditions turmeric supplements can be used. 

  • Helps Skin Glow:

The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric help the skin to glow and remain smooth. The glow is completely natural too.

  • Helps Heal Skin:

Damaged skin requires healing, but it is only possible when our body absorbs antioxidants. Turmeric supplements help your skin to have healthy healing. 

  • Treats Psoriasis:

Psoriasis’ flares, scars and pain are on a different level. They initially start because of inflammation and remain the same way for a long time because of chronic inflammation. Turmeric supplements can treat this condition.

  • Treats Acne & Scars:

Since most acne are caused by inflammation of the cells and skin tissues, turmeric supplements can help. Also, the antibacterial property of turmeric can help treat the scars and spots easily.

  • Treats Scabies:

When your skin is attacked by microscopic mites and they leave a rash on your skin, turmeric supplements can relieve your skin from pain, itching, swelling and redness. These supplements are the ultimate cure for scabies.

  • Treats Eczema:

The antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric supplements can help treat eczema and atopic dermatitis. 

  • Lightens the skin:

The components in turmeric make your skin look lighter and younger. The unique antioxidants can help your skin fight ageing and damage. This is very helpful as we all have some dark patches on our skin.

What are some of the best Turmeric supplements to enhance your skin health?

You could opt for a variety of products including turmeric as over 6000+ studies back up its benefits for skin and overall health. We have picked top 5 turmeric supplements for you.

This supplement has capsules filled with curcumin that can enhance your overall health along with nourishing your skin. They work as antioxidants.

This supplement helps in the production of collagen in both men and women of all age. This helps improve joint, brain as well as skin health.

This supplement helps health inflammation survive in the body while preventing chronic inflammation that causes the skin to be patchy and rough.

These gummies come in the form of health supplement that works as anti-inflammatory gummies. Both kids and adults can consume it.

This supplement is a combination of turmeric with other ingredients to strengthen your nails, hair and skin health. It has received a great response in the past few months.

Before buying any of these supplements, make sure you check the labels. Although they’re organic, they may have substances that you might be allergic to.

Can Turmeric Supplements have any side-effects?

Turmeric or turmeric supplements do not have any side-effects that you should worry about.

If you put turmeric on the skin directly, there are chances that you may stain your skin yellow. If you’re allergic to turmeric, direct skin contact can cause redness or swelling of that area. Do check with your doctor if you’re allergic to turmeric. The doctor may advise if turmeric supplements are safe for you.

Studies to support the effectiveness of Turmeric Supplementation for your skin.

NCBI suggests, “Our results suggest that curcumin may represent a low-cost, well-tolerated, effective agent in the treatment of skin diseases.”

PubMed agrees and shares its positive opinion on curcumin: “These studies suggest the beneficial effects of curcumin and the potential of this compound to be developed as a potent nontoxic agent for treating skin diseases.”

Say goodbye to all your skin problems!

The best thing about turmeric is that it is safe for kids as well as adults. You may even use it for some digestive disorders, liver problems, brain health enhancement and so on.

The supplements are multipurpose, so check the label and usage before purchasing. We hope your skin problems disappear when you start using these supplements!














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