Thyroid Support Complex Formula Review

Thyroid Support Complex Formula

Struggling with fatigue, weight gain, head fog, hot flashes, mood swings, lack of concentration, puffiness or joint pain? Do you have hair loss, dry skin, and weaker nails? Your overactive or underactive thyroid might be to blame! Try BioGanix Thyroid Support Complex Formula- for healthy thyroid function, robust energy, and healthy metabolism! The company claims that their unique blend of natural raw herbs, vitamins and minerals like Iodine (bovine/pig), Vitamin B12, Magnesium, Zinc, Kelp, Bladderwrack, and others are scientifically proven to care for and support a healthy thyroid function that could address a number of health problems for you.

Thyroid Support Complex Formula Ingredients

Thyroid Support Complex Formula produced by BioGanix contains the following active ingredients: Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin), Iodine (kelp), Magnesium (oxide), Zinc (oxide), Selenium (amino acid chelate), Copper (oxide), Manganese (amino acid chelate), Molybdenum (amino acid chelate), L-Tyrosine, Schisandra Powder (fruit), Ashwagandha Root Powder, Bladderwrack Powder (thallus), Cayenne Pepper Powder (fruit), Kelp.

Benefits of Thyroid Support Complex Formula

Your thyroid plays a significant part in nearly every metabolic process in the body, and when the thyroid isn’t working properly, you won’t feel well. More than 15 percent of the general population in the US and 22 percent of women over the age of 55-60 have a subclinical thyroid problem. But only a small percentage of these individuals are diagnosed and being treated. If you experience lack of concentration, chronic fatigue, and mood swings or are a diagnosed hypothyroid; you may need to take a quality thyroid support supplement to be healthy and fit.

BioGanix’s Thyroid Complex Formula is a proprietary blend of raw herbs, mineral, and vitamins that provide quality support to the thyroid. It is proven to be a natural aid and specially formulated for healthy thyroid function and a robust immune system. As a result, you will notice lots of energy, way less fatigue, less hair loss, hydrated skin, nails growing, weight control, no more hot flashes, focus, better sleep, and more. These benefits can be attributed to its following ingredients.

Iodine – Used by the body to synthesize thyroid hormones. This boosts metabolic rate and enhances cells health, helps strengthen muscles, relieve muscle pain and prevent the discoloring of the hair and skin.

Vitamin B-12 – It improves response to thyroid treatment in patients suffering from thyroid problem relieving them of their symptoms.

Magnesium – Helps prevent the damages to the thyroid gland by eliminating any toxic substances. It also helps promote the functioning of the thyroids and encourages the development of the nervous system and the immune system.

Kelp – It balances thyroid hormones and lowers cortisol. It is also known to prevent brain degeneration, reduce fatigue and stress, elevate mood and increase energy levels.

This unique formula contains Vitamin B12, iodine and other ingredients that support concentration and energy levels for a sense of enhanced mood and overall well-being. If you are constantly struggling with muscular pains and fatigue, this is the product for you.

How Much Does Thyroid Support Complex Formula Cost?

Thyroid Support Complex Formula produced by BioGanix is available for purchase in bottles containing 120 capsules each (60 servings) at the price of $17.97 per bottle. Some online retailers (like may offer additional discounts and even free shipping for orders placed from within the United States.

Potential Thyroid Support Complex Formula Side Effects

Thyroid Support Complex Formula is advertised as a 100% natural thyroid support supplement. The formula doesn’t contain any potentially dangerous ingredients, but it may cause GI distress and bloating in older adults.


Helps support healthy thyroid function, thyroid hormone levels, & healthy metabolism
Supports concentration and energy levels.
Treat subclinical and diagnosed cases of hypothyroidism.
Promotes a sense of mood enhancement and overall well-being.


May cause GI distress and bloating in older adults.

Final Verdict

BioGanix Thyroid Support Complex is a natural dietary product that claims to have the ability to sustain weight and controlling thyroid gland hormones primarily through the integration of Pantothenic Acid in the formula. This product is also accountable for the optimum metabolic rate in the body. It provides the user with the necessary nutrients that are necessary to stabilize the immune system and controls how the body should generate or use energy so that the individual can perform its important functions.

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