Spirulina Supplement: To Improve Your Muscle Strength & Endurance

Best Spirulina Supplement to Improve Muscle Strength

Muscular strength and endurance may sound synonymous to many but have different meanings. Muscular strength is when your muscles are capable of lifting things, handling weights and performing strenuous tasks.

However, muscular endurance is all about keeping the fatigue at bay.

If you have the capacity of lifting things, muscular strength, but often get tired, related to muscular endurance, your workouts can get difficult. 

It is definitely not easy to raise the strength and endurance levels at once. However, we can try it by consuming superfoods such as green herbs and plant-based protein. 

Have you tried the Superfood called ‘Spirulina’?

What is Spirulina?

In simple terms, Spirulina is a superfood obtained from lakes or any extreme conditions too. It can grow even in the extreme conditions that no organisms can sustain.

It is often extracted, dried and sold as a powder, crushed syrup or liquid or in the form of capsules.

The blue-green algae or cyanobacteria is used to treat many health issues such as high blood pressure, blood sugar, blood cholesterol, inflammation, low immunity, and lack strength and endurance.  

How does Spirulina improve muscle strength and endurance?

PubMed states, “Ingestion of spirulina significantly decreased carbohydrate oxidation rate by 10.3% and increased fat oxidation rate by 10.9% during the 2-h run compared with the placebo trial.”

This explains how Spirulina supplementation can increase the amount of fat oxidation rate which can decrease fatigue. Since it is a protein, it is extremely good for muscle strength and muscle endurance.

How much Spirulina should be supplemented to improve muscle strength and endurance?

Usually, the powder and capsule forms of Spirulina are very effective and commonly taken. One may take about 1 to 10 grams of Spirulina everyday.

Healthline declares that about 7 grams or a spoon of Spirulina contains:

  • 4 grams of Protein
  • Vitamins B1, B2, B3
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Manganese

Since it has only 20 calories in a spoon yet so much absorbable protein, most people consume it to gain muscle strength and endurance.

If the powder doesn’t taste good to you, you can try an organic Spirulina supplement in the form of capsule. Most capsules contain appropriate dosage of Spiruline as per the RDA. 

Also, Spirulina is a natural substance and hence, you must consume it on a daily basis. It is definitely not a replacement of a drug or dietary substance, rather, it is an addition to your diet.

What should Spirulina be consumed with?

Spirulina Tablets should be consumed with a glass of water before or after meals, as advised by your physician. This will help in absorption of the nutrients you consume in your meals and serve you with extra energy for your workout.

Spirulina Powder should be mixed with water, juice, or smoothies for best results. You may even add it in a bowl of cereal.

However, some people don’t like its pigmented colour and taste, so refrain from adding too much of Spirulina. Just add the directed amount.

How does Spirulina benefit your muscles?

Here’s what Spirulina can do to regulate your blood pressure levels.

  • Increases Protein Content:

Spirulina consists of 70% protein. Hence, many athletes and gym-freaks take a lot of Spirulina every day. Its protein content helps in building leaner muscles that could improve your body’s overall strength and endurance. 

  • Fights Muscular Fatigue:

When we exercise, we put a lot of oxidative stress on our muscles which results in muscular fatigue. As Spirulina naturally improves our energy levels, it prevents oxidative stress in our muscles. This reduces fatigue. 

  • Reduces Muscular Damage:

The antioxidants in Spirulina can reduce the damage in our muscles by repairing and reversing the ageing process in them. If you often experience muscular pain due to muscle damage, Spirulina can help.

  • Improves Muscular Recovery:

High amounts of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus in Spirulina accelerate the metabolism and speed up the healing and recovery of the muscles. After strenous exercises, Spirulina can repair the damage.

  • Boosts Muscle Endurance:

High levels of iron helps the body perform tasks for a longer time. This helps the muscles obtain power to work. It also helps fight iron deficiency.

What are some of the best Spirulina supplements to Improve Muscle Strength and Endurance?

Here are a few from amazon. These are extremely popular and taken by many athletes too!

  1. Pure Hawaiian Spirulina-500 mg Tablets: These tablets act as multivitamins and proteinous supplement for everyone who loves working out. The product is famous with its muscular strength boosting quality.
  2. Organic Spirulina Powder With Mushroom Extract: This extract helps the bones, muscles and cells fight the damage caused by free radicals and oxidative stress. It is said to detoxify the body of toxins and free the muscles from pain and strain too.
  3. Anthony’s California Spirulina Powder: It helps relieve and prevent oxidative stress, joint pain and fatigue. Most people who workout often need this supplement. Just three spoons in your favourite beverage is good.
  4. Nutricost Spirulina Powder: This powder serves you with a lot of energy as your body needs a lot of it during workout. You may also consume this supplement before workout.
  5. Healthy Orgins Organic and Kosher Spirulina Tablets: These tablets have recovery and self-healing properties that can help your muscles heal and repair themselves. 

Can Spirulina have adverse effects?

Not really. Most Spirulina brands have been tested and verified, however, there are chances of some being contaminated. Always check the label and research on the brand you plan to buy. 

In worst cases, PubMed states that Spirulina may have some side-effects.

“Before Spirulina is produced and consumed on a wider scale, allergenicity risk assessment should be performed, including investigation of potential crossreactivity with well-known inhalant allergens and foods.”

Studies to support the effectiveness of Spirulina supplementation on Muscular Strength & Endurance.

The blue alga Spirulina platensis has presented several pharmacological activities, highlighting its actions as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

In addition, there are few studies with the influence of strength training on physiological parameters, as intestinal contractility and oxidative cell damage- NCBI.

This proves the effectiveness of Spirulina in strength and endurance training.

Add this Superfood to your diet now!

Looking at how beneficial the superfood is, I am sure you would want to include it in your diet as soon as possible. You should do that at the earliest.

This supplement, when taken regularly, can help fight many deficiencies and improve your strength and energy levels almost immediately. It has even proven to be effective in fat-loss and muscle-gain.

So get ready to enter the whole new world where your muscles will have the strength and endurance to perform in any way you want!















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