SARMS vs Steroids Reviewed 2019: Pro’s & Con’s

Let’s compare Sarms vs Steroids

These days, most fitness enthusiast and bodybuilders use certain supplements or drugs to get better results and improve their performance at the gym. Some of them use steroids whereas others use SARMs. Though the action of both of these drugs is almost similar still they are very different from one another. One has to be very careful while consuming steroids as they can cause a number of side effects of serious nature whereas SARMs are rarely harmful. But to compare SARMS vs Steroids you will have to both of these drugs a bit more closely. The information provided in this write-up can be helpful for you in this regard.

Introduction to steroids

The synthetic versions of testosterone, the male hormone, are known as steroids. This human-made drug is used since long to improve one’s physical strength and vigor. But they are not much popular among bodybuilders and fitness freak people due to their illegal status and a number of side effects. Still, many bodybuilders misuse steroids to improve their performance.

Though some of the doctors also prescribe certain steroids to treat people with AIDS and facing the problem of muscle wastage but many bodybuilders misuse them to improve their muscles even if they cause many side effects.

Benefits of steroids

Steroids have certain benefits even if they are not considered good for one’s health. These benefits include:

  • Build muscles: Certain anabolic steroids are popularly used for this purpose as they can improve the level of testosterone in one’s body.
  • Improve endurance: Anabolic steroids can also help bodybuilders and athletes to work out for a longer time in the gum because the wastage of muscles during a workout is reduced by them.
  • Faster results: Certain steroids also help in doing strenuous exercises more frequently to get desired results faster.
  • Improve muscle mass: Steroids also help in improving muscle mass to a considerable extent as muscle mass of most of the steroid users is exceptional.
  • Side effects of steroids
  • Develop breasts: One of the most common side effects of taking steroids can be gynecomastia, enlargement of male breasts due to hormonal imbalance.
  • Infertility: They can also cause infertility and shrunken testicles and in some cases enlargement of the prostate gland. Women can also at risk of infertility after taking steroids.
  • Lose femininity: If the user is female then the loss of femininity can be one of the major problems for them by taking steroids.
  • Deepen voice: Steroids can also cause irreversible deepening of voice in most women.
  • Enlarged clitoris: The clitoris of the women taking steroids can grow irreversibly larger.
  • Growth of hair: The hair on their chin can also grow at a faster speed. In some cases, men and women can also experience baldness after consuming steroids.

Some of the common side effects of consuming steroids for men and women may include abnormalities in liver, tumor, acne, hypertension, increased in LDL cholesterol, HIV, decrease in HDL cholesterol and hepatitis, slow growth, heart problems and problem in blood circulation. Steroids can also cause certain mental problems like depression, aggression as well as behavioral changes to get the most from everyone including their family. Addiction to steroids can also cause certain psychological problems like paranoia and jealousy of severe level, impaired judgment, and mania, etc.

Introduction with SARMS

SARMs or Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators are the drugs that are created for the purpose of improving one’s performance. Initially, they were developed by pharma companies as curative drugs for certain health problems. Later on, they were used by fitness lovers and bodybuilders for improving their performance without facing the side effects of steroids. The effect of SARMs is different from that of steroids because their highly selective elements are attached to the androgen receptors of the cells. For that reason, SARMs do not cause any symptom of severe nature like gynecomastia or infertility, etc.

Benefits of SARMs

  • Harmless anabolic effect: The effect of SARMs is just like anabolic steroids but without harming your overall health.
  • Provide effective results: SARMs provide results specifically for which purpose they are used. If you use them for losing weight then they will focus on reducing several pounds. Their effectiveness can be increased by combining with other SARMs
  • Safe for liver: Being non-toxic SARMs do not harm your liver
  • Prevent the risk of irreversible changes: The risk of certain irreversible change in one’s personality can be prevented by consuming SARMs. It can avoid growing beard in women and gynecomastia in men as well as infertility in both.
  • Reliable libido: Instead of making undesirable changes in one’s libido SARMs can help in maintaining one’s libido more reliably.
  • Overall reliability: SARMs are more reliable than steroids as, unlike steroids, they can grow your muscles at a faster rate without harming your health. They increase or decrease your weight safely as they are attached to the androgen receptors of your cells.
  • SARMs can help in increasing the growth of lean muscles, lose weight without affecting muscle mass, prevent wastage of muscles during workout, increase workout frequency and cures injuries at a faster speed.

Side effects of SARMs

Though benefits of SARMs are similar to steroids but they are not similar in side effects, if taken in the right dosage as the excess of anything is bad.

Vision problem: One of the most common side effects of SARMs is on the vision of the user as they may produce Andarine which can cause night-blindness or yellowish vision while going out of a room that is well lit. it can be avoided by taking smaller dosages.

Testosterone suppression: The natural testosterone in male consumers can be suppressed by taking SARMs in large dosage. You should regulate your dosage to avoid this issue.

Mental problems: In some cases, problems like behavioral changes and depression are experienced to some extent.


After comparing the benefits and side effects of SARMs vs Steroids it can be concluded that it is not easy to say which one can be safe and more beneficial for the athletes and bodybuilders. Still, SARMs can be preferred by them as there is lesser risk of side effects on the overall health of the users if taken for a limited period of time and in smaller dosages.

A Complete Review of Stenabolic (SR9009): Benefits @ Side Effects

A Complete Review of Stenabolic

In this 21st century, hardly anyone gets the time to exercise. The little time, one gets out of their busy schedule goes in planning the work, resting relaxing and spending time with family. Thus obesity has become quite a serious issue today. But what if you could lose weight without exercising or hitting the gym?

There are many pills out there in the market which claims to cause fat loss. But not all of them can be trusted. Stenabolic is a scientific invention which helps to lose the extra fat as early as possible along with developing a good metabolism.

This article aims at informing all our ardent reader about the mechanism behind Stenabolic, its side effects, benefits and usage in details. We don’t want you to take any risk with your health. This review will help you decide whether you would want to use the product or not.

What is Stenabolic?

The mechanism of Stenabolic is quite complicated. SR9009 is not any kind of SARM. Our body works according to the circadian rhythm. The rhythm is actually a series of different patterns which takes place in a synchronous manner. There is a loop of mechanism which is responsible for supporting the rhythm.

SR9009 or the Stenabolic was created to understand the human body’s circadian rhythm.

HistorySR9009 was invented for medicinal purposes. It has the capability to reduce anxiety, inflammation, cholesterol levels and also weight gain.

It was clinically tested on animals but not on humans. So there remains a concern whether it will work on human bodies or not. The research that was done on laboratory mice proves that the Stenabolic rises the REV-ERBs activities, also called the agonists. Thus the bioavailability of all the nutrients increases. For the beneficial results. It is now widely used for bodybuilding reasons. There is no evidence that the effects are permanent or not.

How does SR9009 function?

SR9009 has a number of health benefits. In the liver, the drug deactivates the glucose-producing genes and leave insulin sensitivity as it is. It also diminishes the body’s inflammatory reaction while boosting the mitochondria activity. It deliberately accelerates the burning of fat. The REV-ERBs deactivates the fat-storing genes and diminishes the production of more triglycerides. Studies show that it proliferates consumption of oxygen, reduces the growth of fat cells in the liver, reduces the creation of cholesterol and bile acids. If you are looking to shed unnecessary fat from your body then using this product could be a great idea in deed.

Pros of using the Stenabolic

SR9009 helps to lose weight. Though it is the fundamental benefits of the compound it has several benefits as well. It reduces cholesterol, insulin and even the triglycerides.

1. Lowers the Blood Cholesterol

The drug reduces the cholesterol level in the body by reducing fat and burning fat cells. After taking the drug for about 8 weeks, you can see the results. If you consume high cholesterol diet and take the medicine, your cholesterol level will remain intact.

2. Boosts Endurance

Stenabolic increases the number of active mitochondria in the body. Thus it improves the endurance levels also.

3. Decreases Inflammation

The drug reduces lung inflammation, as well as the creation of new inflammation molecules in the nerve cells.

4. Prevents Atherosclerosis

The researchers showed that the drug can also prevent Atherosclerosis, it reduces the tendencies of artery hardening.

5. Can Help with Heart Disease

It has been proven to reduce the defects of the heart. It reduces heart diseases, by reducing cholesterol levels and artery hardening in the body.

6. Can Increase the Wakefulness and helps with insomnia

As this compound can activate the REV-ERB, it directly affects the sleeping as well as waking patterns. Thus it helps with insomnia and helps you to sleep better.

7. Can reduce panic attacks and anxiety

Today’s youth is suffering from anxiety and obesity. The difficult and busy routine is making it difficult for them to thrive and lead a very healthy life. The drug has been proving to reduce anxiety levels and make life smoother.

8. Can prevent the Fibrosis

The drug can also prevent Fibrosis. The tests on mice prove these results.

Cons of using the Stenabolic

In spite of having so many benefits, the drug comes with its own side effects. It should be remembered that the drug was tested on lab mice. The mice research shows no signs of toxicity or insomnia or liver ulcers. It shows that it has nothing to do with hormone interference. But what results it might show in humans is unknown. So one should use it wisely.

How to use SR9009?

If you have use steroid before, you can use it as much as you can or at the dose which you prefer. This drug has no types of hormonal properties. You don’t have to worry while using it as it causes no interference with hormone production.

It is recommended to use SR9009 for 8 weeks on and off so that your body does not get used to it. It is advised to take SR9009 in dosages of about 20 to 30 milligram each day. You should also consult your doctor and run some tests before consuming this drug. If you are advised to lower the dosage of about 10 to 20 milligrams a day, you should do it.

Stenabolic is extremely effective in terms of losing weight and burning fat. It speeds up the process of fat loss. The drug is extremely potent, gives great energy. Nowadays it is widely used for fat loss. If it is used along with a protein diet, it is more beneficial. Not only the drug helps with the bodybuilding, but it also helps to increase and develop mental health. In today’s time, it is very difficult to stay fit both physically and mentally. Almost no one has that amount of time to spend on themselves.

There are many drugs in the market which claims to lose weight and helps with anxiety. Not all of them are tested scientifically. You should be cautious while choosing a drug. We here want you to know every detail about it before buying and trying one.

YK11 SARMS Review: Benefits & Side Effects Reviewed

yk11History of YK11

Most bodybuilders focus attention on YK11 as the key that unlocks the body’s full potential and to achieve muscle gains fast with little side effects. Based on reviews, YK11 appears to be a super SARM, but in reality, is this true? In this article, science and studies are broken down to give you a clear idea of what YK11 is, as well as its risks and side effects.

YK11 is an incomplete androgen receptor agonist with an exclusive action on the cells of muscle and bone tissues. It was discovered in 2011 by a Japanese researcher called Yuichiro Kanno, and he named it potential anabolic SARM. Although, the name is confusing because YK11 is a SARM similar to steroids – a likely steroid instead of a SARM.

Almost all the research surrounding SARM are accessible in Japanese. And, apart from the supposed benefits that YK11 uses in improving lean muscle mass, it also helps to suppress DHT (5-α-dihydrotestosterone) action in specific areas of the body. Someday, this might be a potential hair loss treatment.

Also, it is proven to boost follistatin’s upregulation – a myostatin antagonist. The unskilled see Myostatin as a protein similar to controlling mechanism of the muscle, stopping it from becoming larger. Or, visualize it as an in-built trigger in the body that prevents the body from becoming the popular Incredible Hulk. Stopping myostatin action should encourage YK11 to help boost lean muscle mass.

Although these are theories, the only test conducted on YK11 take place in a test tube on C2 and C12 cells. It means YK11 was released on the cells on a slider beneath a microscope.

What is YK11?

YK11 is a brand-new synthetic steroid established on DHT, a hormone that occurs naturally in the human body. DHT is an intense form of testosterone that aim at androgen receptors in the sex organ, prostate, liver, and hair.

Bodybuilders are developing an interest in YK11 because it builds muscles very fast with little side effects, just like most SARMs. The molecules of YK11 is closer to steroids than SARMs, though it’s categorized with other non-steroidal SARMs.

While a cellular study suggests the compound increases muscle mass, researchers discovered that it increases follistatin (a myostatin inhibitor), a protein responsible for muscle-building. According to another survey on bone cells, YK11 also show a tendency of enhancing bone health by increasing the levels of bone-building proteins.

Despite the practical body-building abilities of YK11, it has an unclear safety profile because it has no human or animal studies yet. For this reason, YK11, together with other steroids and SARMs, has been banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency in professional sports.


  • May boost fat-burning
  • Increases muscle growth
  • Likely to increase bone strength
  • Little side effects compared to steroids


  • Steroidal form (not a typical SARM)
  • Suppresses testosterone
  • No animal or human studies
  • Unknown long-term risks

Dosage of YK11

The recommended dosage for new users is 5 mg, which is helpful, but Anecdotal report shows that the most common dosage by users is 10-15 mg per day. Another report indicates that some users take 30 mg without any side effect. The cycle usually takes between 4 and 8 weeks. For females, reports show they take 0.5-2 mg doses per day.

There are no studies yet on the half-life of YK11, but a dosing strategy is adopted – splitting each daily dose in two. Taking two doses of YK11 a day should make the levels more stable although there is no clinical evidence to back it up. Some users take the compound by mouth, but others use muscle injections.

According to anecdotal evidence, it suggests stacking YK11 with other SARMs will offer more superior results. When accumulating YK11 with other SARMs like RAD140 or LGD-4033, the dose of YK11 is expected to come down to 5-10 mg per day.

Benefits of YK11

1. Fat Loss

Any potent androgen has the possibility to reduce the levels of fat that you’re carrying automatically. This occurs as a result of a little increase in metabolism and increased muscle mass.

2. Lean Muscles Mass

Peradventure YK11 comes closer to the reports gathered by the researchers, then it’s potentially one of the most effective mass building SARMs. It is because the compound induce androgen receptors and as well as inhibits Myostatin – big muscles recipe. But, does it affect sexual organs or the prostate? Being a partial (or an incomplete) agonist, it leaves the gonads alone except researchers come up with new observations in the coming years.

3. Strength

Similar to other powerful SARMs like RAD and LGD, you should expect to experience a rapid boost in strength when you’re taking YK11.

What Happens to the Muscle Gains After You Stop Using YK11?

Retaining your gains will depend solely on the level of increases you acquired during the cycle as well as your approach towards PCT and the post-cycle nutrition. Apart from these, eat clean, visit the gym, and lift as much as you can for your cycle days. Then, take a bit of MK-677 to guarantee you retain most of it – you should be good with that!

Side Effects of YK11

So far, YK11 has been studied in cells, and there is no clinical information on its side effects at the moment. Not even a study on animals have been carried out.

A study carried out on a cell shows that YK11 increases the levels of follistatin. And, high follistatin is likely to increase the risk of skin, stomach, prostate, and esophagus cancer. On the contrary, it may have benefits for cancer of the breast.

The chemical structure of YK11 looks similar to other steroids in term of toxicity to the liver. This is clear evidence that YK11 may also have toxic effects on the liver. Therefore, theoretically, it may also affect hair growth, vocal cords, prostate, and other organs.

But beyond science, the information received from the body-building communities give more insight into the likely side effects of YK11. These include:

– Hair loss
– Mild acne
– Low energy
– Joint pain
– Increased aggression
– Mild testosterone suppression


YK11, being a new steroid-SARM hybrid, has a steroid form as well as the selectivity of non-steroidal SARMs. Till date, only the research carried out on cells confirm that it can build muscles through the inhibition of Myostatin. It may also be used to strengthen bones, which may help to prevent fractures.

According to users report, significant gains come from bulking and cutting cycles – 4-8 weeks. A result that only few other SARMs can challenge. On the contrary, YK11 may cause joint pain, hair loss, and testosterone suppression. Although there are little side effects, PCT is compulsory according to many experienced users.

RAD-140 Testolone : Don’t buy before this Shocking Review

rad 140A short introduction to Rad 140

Whether you are a professional bodybuilder, an athlete, or just a fitness enthusiast, there are high chances that at some point in your fitness routine you have thought of using steroids. While almost everyone admires the benefits of using steroids, what pushes us away from them are the downsides of consuming them. In fact, doing away with the negative side effects of steroids have been the longest wish of researchers and the fitness industry. But what if there is one product that can give you all the benefits of using steroids but without the side effects? You will be glad to hear that RAD-140 is one such product that comes with all the positive benefits of steroids with no side effects. So what really is RAD-140?
What is RAD-140?

Popularly known as Testolone, this is the newest sensational drug that is taking the fitness industry by storm. Belonging to the class of compounds known as selective androgen receptor modulators or SARMs, testolone has been popularised by its extraordinary muscle-building effects. If you don’t know SARMs, these are compounds that work by binding to those androgen receptors found in the various parts of the body. These receptors intermingle with the androgens that are in the body. The androgens such as androstenedione, testosterone, and dihydrotestosterone usually naturally produced by your body.
SARMs have the same effect as testosterone because they act upon the same receptor. However, SARMs are different from steroids in that they are very selective of where they work. Generally, they target your bone tissues and muscles more while the effects on other body organs are very minimal. This is why SARMs are very effective when it comes to treating muscle wasting and hormone-related disorders. The drug also became popular among those men with very low testosterone levels but did not want to undergo testosterone replacement therapy. Currently, there are numerous researchers that are investigating its potential benefits in increasing muscle mass, protecting brain cells, and fighting breast cancer.

History of RAD-140

Testolone is currently being manufactured by Radius Health, a well-known public trading pharmaceutical company. The history of this drug dates back to early 2000 when it was first discovered. By then, it was being examined whether it could be used to prevent muscle wasting in the patients that were terminally ill. However, the SARM soon found a variety of different applications including the treatment of breast cancer. Despite all that, it was only until early 2010 when the first batches of the drug started arriving in the supplement stores.

How Does RAD-140 Work?

Unlike steroids, this drug works by a process whereby it stimulates the androgen receptors that are in the body in a selective manner. It mainly targets those receptors that are in the bones and muscle while having little to no effect on a person’s reproductive organs. Although its selective ability is not so well understood yet, it is believed that it works by activating various body proteins in a selective manner, unlike testosterone. As a result of this, only some androgen receptors especially those found in the muscles become activated and the remaining ones become spared. Additionally, RAD-140s structure is quite different from that of testosterone and this means that it can’t be easily converted into hormones like estrogen that are known to produce some very undesirable effects.

Pros and Cons

  • Increases muscle mass
  • Helps burn fat
  • Protects brain cells
  • Fewer to none side effects when compared to steroids
  • May help treat certain breast cancers


  • Testosterone suppression may be possible
  • No studies were done using human beings

Where To Buy

There are many places where you will find this drug being sold. However, the most recommended place to buy it is from Sarms4You where you will find it going at $69, 95 per bottle. This is also one of the few suppliers that ship the product worldwide and offers free shipping on orders above $150.

How To Use

This drug can be used solo, with SARMs, and also with anabolic steroids.

Solo –Males typically requires between 5-mgs to 20-mgs per day. You should try as much as possible never to exceed 30-mgs in a day. If you decide to cycle it then you should run it for about 12 to 16 weeks and afterward take between 6 to 8 weeks off inclusive of the post cycle.

With SARMs – It stacks well with any SARM and if you want to really bulk up, you can consider stacking it with anabolicum. On the other hand, if you are seeking to cut you will just use it with Cardarine. Lastly, if your aim is recovery from injuries then you should stack it with Ostarine.

With Anabolic Steroids – One of the best things about this drug is that it can be used in a steroid cycle as a testosterone base. Doing this helps the user to cut down on the harmful side effects of steroids. All you have to do is just replace between 10-mgs to 20-mgs of it for Testosterone.

Female Use

Being a non-androgenic compound makes RAD-140 very safe for use even by the females. When used by ladies, it won’t lead to any virilization issues such as aggression, developing male-like features, voice deepening, body hair, and clitoris enlargement. However, the dosage for females is quite low and ranges from 2.5-mgs to 10-mgs per day.

Side Effects

Just like any other compound that is very strong, this drug has some side effects that are, however, manageable. When you are using it, you may experience occasional irregular headaches which later fade away and some sleepless nights. Apart from that, some users may become increasingly aggressive which can be on the other hand a positive thing during those very intense workouts. It is advisable to scale down the dosage or even consider taking a few days break when you realize that you have these effects.


Overall, RAD140 is considered to be one of the strongest and most effective SARMS that you can ever come across. The benefits of using this drug are numerous including the explosive muscle-building effect that is similar to that of using steroids. Although its side effects are nowhere near those of steroids, it doesn’t mean that you now stop using common sense when using it. With that being said, it is recommended that you first consult your doctor before you begin your first cycle.

Ostarine MK2866 Reviewed: Don’t buy before reading this Shocking Review

ostarineWhat exactly is Ostarine?

Ostarine, also known as enobosarm, happens to be a SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator). These types of SARMs are responsible for stimulating the steroid hormone receptors that mimic testosterone in many respects. However, SARMs have the ability to target some specific bones or muscles as compared to the typical steroids on the market. For this reason, they do not come with many side effects, and folks using SARMs usually do not experience enhanced estrogen levels as well as severe suppression of testosterone.

According to many sportsmen and bodybuilders, Ostarine provides significant improvements in performance without any risks whatsoever. In fact, Ostarine is considered to be safer as compared to most of the other SARMs out there.


Ostarine was introduced on the market by a pharmaceutical company known as GTx. In fact, it continues to be clinically tested by the company at present which wants to develop a compound that will assist in combating the wasting of our bones and muscles. It has been introduced into the fitness industry by the research companies so as to help the sportsmen enhance their performance to the next level.

How does it work?

Ostarine works by producing anabolic procedures at a specified group of androgen receptors. In case it is compared with anabolic steroids, it will be observed that Ostarine will not affect our non-skeletal muscles in any manner.

The majority of the bodybuilders at present are going to use this SARM on a wide scale, and below, we will mention the appropriate usage of Ostarine for all of them.

1. Bulking

It is advisable to go for a 4-week to a 6-week cycle of Ostarine for getting the optimum results whilst taking a dosage of 24 to 36 mg every single day. It is possible to gain lean muscle mass of as much as 15 lbs. within this timeframe. Many individuals are concerned about losing the muscles that they have gained following the completion of the cycle. However, it will be possible to avoid this issue by taking Tribestan or Clomid during the cycle’s final week. In this way, you can rest assured since you will not lose any muscle even if you stop the cycle.

Ostarine does not come with any type of aromatizing side effects and there is no possibility for you to lose hair or even develop man boobs. For this reason, Ostarine has become so popular at present.

In case you would like to get the biggest gains feasible, make it a point to use a combo of Ligandrol, Ostarine, RAD-140, and Cardarine. This will help you to enjoy a pleasant and high-quality slumber and also gain some incredible muscles in the process.

2. Cutting

We have already mentioned before that the main purpose of why SARMs were originally introduced was to prevent muscle loss. As a result, they are ideal for your cutting cycle. While experiencing a deficit in calories, our system will take away nutrients from the fat deposits as well as the muscle mass. In this way, a cut is usually accompanied by muscle atrophy. We have the propensity of displaying what we have gained recently and will not like to lose them in any way. Here, Ostarine will come of use as well. It will be advisable to use 15 mg of Ostarine on a regular basis. However, do not exceed your strict cardio regimen and instead, concentrate on circuit training as well as strength training. This will help you to optimize your cutting outcomes.

3. Healing injuries

Apart from the above-mentioned beneficial aspects, Ostarine will also benefit our joints and tendons significantly. As a matter of fact, the primary purpose of launching Ostarine was to enhance our bone density so as to treat osteoporosis successfully. This procedure can affect our joints as well. By having powerful tendons and joints, we will be able to perform better workouts. Nevertheless, this does not imply that you can discard other routines and only go for the weights at the fitness center. Training sensibly is essential for your advancement and Ostarine will help you in doing that. In case you are struggling with an injury, the majority of the researchers recommend a dosage of 12.5 mg every single day which will enhance the healing process.

Side effects of Ostarine

A question might arise in your mind regarding whether Ostarine does cause any side effects. It is not difficult to answer this question whatsoever. You will not experience any severe side effects after using Ostarine. The only side effects that can take place after using Ostarine can be back pain as well as headaches.

According to some users, using Ostarine have caused them to become lethargic and there likewise suffered from depressive disorders. However, on most occasions, one will be able to recover properly after using one cycle of Ostarine.

It is possible to experience side effects in case you use more than the suggested dosage. For this reason, the optimum dosage of Ostarine is approximately 30 mg daily. One should make it a point to stay within the dosage guidelines without fail.

It is important to bear in mind that Ostarine happens to be the mildest form of SARM at present. It should not result in any side effect after using it. However, if you are of the notion that it is causing issues, do not forget to check twice whether your supplier happens to be a legal one.


  • Enhances strength as well as lean muscle mass
  • Does not result in any hormonal imbalance
  • Enhances bone strength
  • Might lead to only mild side effects
  • Helps to lower cholesterol levels and also enhance insulin resistance


  • Is not permitted to be used in any professional sport
  • Humans are advised not to use it or even consume it

Purchasing Ostarine:

It is a fact that the majority of the SARMs out there are available in the black market; however, it will be sensible for you to purchase Ostarine from any reliable vendor out there. Otherwise, you might end up being cheated since you are not aware of the ingredients which are entering your system.

Final verdict

There is no doubt about the fact that Ostarine happens to be one of the most beneficial SARMs out there. It does not come with any side effects (except some mild ones), and one can use it for bulking as well as cutting. In a nutshell, in case you are searching for a SARM which will provide you with beneficial outcomes without many side effects, then Ostarine will be the one to go for.

Ligandrol LGD 4033: A Truly shocking review of this SARM!

ligandrolWhat is Ligandrol

Ligandrol is also known as anabolicum and is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) which effectively binds to the muscle and bone tissues except for prostate tissue in men. Ligandrol is the type of anabolic steroid which was developed the early 2000s by ligand pharmaceutical. Hence the name. The drug was meant for reducing wasting condition and stimulating positive activity in muscles and bones. The drug was tested in phase 1 clinical trial in 2009 to check for its effectiveness when it comes to muscle wasting and metabolic diseases.

In this trial, 76 adult male was given a dosage of this drug in varying amounts that is 0.1 mg, 0.3 mg, and 1 mg, after 21 days the results showed an increase in lean body mass and strength of the adult males. The drug was then licensed to Viking pharmaceutical which is further developing of the drug for therapeutical applications. Like other anabolic steroids, ligandrol works by increasing the amount of testosterone hormone in the body, which in return results into increase in the speed of muscle building. But unlike the other anabolic steroid, ligandrol is meant to minimize on the side effects of normal anabolic steroid.

Benefits of ligandrol

1. Muscle mass
Ligandrol binds to the androgen receptor in the muscle tissue, increasing the rate at which the muscle tissue builds new tissues. The drug also helps in retention of glycogen and water, thus preventing dry muscle gains.

2. Ligandrol helps in increasing one’s strength and stamina; this is by increasing the rate at which the body synthesis proteins.

3. Ensure harder and fuller muscles throughout your usage. One acquires legendary pumps.

4. Helps in a decrease in body fat this is by disrupting the catabolic activity of the body. The body ensures that it breaks down fat when the body has low calories content while still protecting the muscle tissues.

5. Ligandrol can be taken orally; this ensures that its effects don’t get diminished in any way, that is, the drug is not converted into estrogen or DHT. This prevents the production of excess estrogen that tends to float in the body resulting into men boobs or increase DHT which is a testosterone-related hormone which might result in additional body hair, acne, prostate problems among other issues.

6. It can also be used in treating and compensating the effects of muscle wasting in cancer patients and other diseases that have the same effects. Ligandrol as the ability to preserve muscle mass due to its catabolic effect.

7. Helps in prevention and repair of injuries especially among the athletes

8. Increase in performance, especially at a dosage of 10mgs per day.

9. It doesn’t result in aromatization and musculation. Ligandrol

Doesn’t result in the development of unwanted facial hair, drooping of voice, hair loss, or man boobs.

10. Faster recovery. It only takes four weeks after your last dose for your body to go back to normal.

11. It has zero androgenic side effects in both women and men

12. Unlike some of the steroids, ligandrol doesn’t cause the appearance of more vascular thus doesn’t cause throbbing or building of veins.

13. Due to their selective property, the ligandrol drug has minimal effects on the human body.

Cons of ligandrol

Due effectiveness when it comes to binding of the androgen receptor, ligandrol as minimal disadvantages. The common side effect includes A low dosage of ligandrol cause mild suppression. Suppression results in lack of libido, lethargy, or even insomnia in some people. However, suppression can be solved by taking mini PCT (post cycle therapy) together with supplements such as Hcgenerate ES and N2 organ guard.

Other side effects that have been reported include mild dry mouth, fatigue, muscle pumps, nausea, and headache.

The drug also has a half-life that is 24-36 hours, and it can be detected in the urine seven days after your last dose while its metabolites can be detected 21 days after your last dose. However, the side effects are short term, and they can easily be reversed. The side effects also depend on whether the user bought from a reputable dealer or not and the amount of dosage they took.


Even small dosage of ligandrol give good results; thus, one can even take 1mg and still see the results. However, most of the people take 5-10 mg a day. Men take up to 10mgs while women take up to 5mgs.On the other hand, athletes take up to 20 mg a day. Its recommended that one take their daily dosage once in a day, for example, one may decide to take during breakfast. A cycle of 8-12 days is recommended when taking this drug. One is also advised to start with a low dosage to allow the body to adapt to the drug and then increase the dosage as you continue taking. One is also adviced against using ligandrol together with PTC since PTC tend to be suppressive and may result in effects such as fatigue. After a month of usage, you should able to see positive results.

In conclusion, there is no denying that ligandrol has a lot of advantages. It is an effective, exciting, and fast working supplement. It protects the body from muscle wasting and increases fat loss. It boasts one’s strength in the third week after start using it. The drug doesn’t also result in musculation or aromatization. You also enable one to retain your lean muscle for four weeks after ending your cycle. The drug doesn’t cause an increase in weight or unwanted bloating. A small dosage goes a long way when it comes to ligandrol. Thus, one doesn’t have to take a big dosage.

Overall, with proper dosage ligandrol can be used to multiple of problematic issues. Ensure you purchase the drug from a reputable pharmaceutical company to get the real product that has minimal effects. However, until the ligandrol drug is approved by WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) and made legal, there are other safer, natural and legal ways that one can achieve the same results without putting their bodies at risk or even breaking any laws. That’s all about the ligandrol.

Cardarine : The Complete Guide to this Strong SARM


Cardarine is also called GW501516. It is a drug developed in 1992 by joint research done by Glaxo Smith Kline and Ligand Pharmaceuticals. The drug was at first introduced in the market for its remarkable ability to reduce the risk to dyslipidemia and related disorders like atherosclerosis. The drug became popular when it started being by sportsmen and among athletes for its exceptional boost of strength and enhancement of endurance.

Metabolism problems caused by modern lifestyles and leading to more chronic problems like diabetes, heart disease, and inflammation led researchers to look for substances to speed up burning of fat burning and increase physical endurance. The researchers turned to the PPAR-delta and that is how Cardarine was discovered. Activating the PPAR-delta increases energy, muscle building, enhances endurance, and decreases lipids levels in the blood and speeds fat burning. Cardarine attaches itself and activates PPAR-delta (the peroxisome proliferator activator receptor delta).

Cardarine is PPAR agonists. PPAR stands for peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor. They activate the muscles androgen receptors. PPAR is similar to SARMs (selective androgen receptor modulators). These receptors increase insulin sensitivity which in turn increases the uptake of glucose and amino acids into skeletal muscles. The increased intake of glucose and amino acids leads to increased muscle growth and muscle hypertrophy as proteins are synthesized in the body. The PPAR are involved in the initiation of genetic channels through which energy used in exercises is activated.


  • The drug has a high bioavailability, meaning the body readily absorbs so even a small dose is sufficient enough to give the desired performance.
  • Helps the body to stop the synthesis of Fatty Acid
  • Cardarine is a non-stimulant, hence doesn’t come with fatigue or anxiety.
  • Cardarine is non-toxic and does not have adverse effects on important organs.
  • It does not lead to the development of its tolerance like SARMs, hence no need for post cycle therapy.
  • The drug is non-estrogenic
  • GW501516 can be used with other endurance enhancing drugs or SARMs to increase the performance.
  • It boosts recovery and also elevates the mood hence allowing athletes to train harder and for longer periods.
  • Cardarine improves the levels of HDL (good cholesterol) and decreases the levels of LDL (bad cholesterol)
  • Cardarine boosts metabolism, prevent obesity, improves fat burning, and increase muscle growth.
  • 1Cardarine suppresses inflammation in many cases, therefore, it is anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.


During the research, cancer incidences have been reported in mice but there has not been a case reported in humans.

  • Cardarine is not legal, nor is it approved for use in humans.
  • It is only available as a research substance and can only be bought on the black market.
  • It is recorded in the World Anti-Doping Agency, therefore, termed as cheat or toxicity for athletes.
  • In research, Cardarine increased the death of the liver cells and thus caused liver damage in mice.


Cardarine remarkably works on many aspects of the body but like other drugs, the intake must be monitored.

Per day use an average dose of 10 to 20 mg for 8 to 12 weeks with breaks of 4 to 6 weeks in between.

Cardarine can be used with SARMs like Ostarine for better results.


The uses of Cardarine are discussed on the areas they affect [positively on the human body when taken. Most of the uses are based on research done on animals.

1) Brain

In a study on animals, Cardarine protected the brain vessels from damage, oxidative stress and helped to maintain normal blood flow in the brain. Cardarine itself has not been tested on humans, but PPAR activators are known to boost the development of brain nerve cells. Cardarine effect on inflamed brain cells of a rat were both pro- and anti-inflammatory. It is not clear if Cardarine can protect the brain or if it can bring any damages.

2) Preventing Obesity

By increasing the rate of fat burning and growth of muscles Cardarine activates PPAR delta and prevents the activity of inflammatory substances in fat tissue, which aids obesity and chronic inflammation. In research done on obese monkeys, the drug increased HDL (good cholesterol) and decreased LDL (bad cholesterol), decreased triglycerides, and insulin. It prevents the release of too much glucose by the liver. These are helpful in preventing obesity.

3) Fat-Burning

Initially, Cardarine was researched for burning fats. Recent, studies have shown the benefits of Cardarine in fat-burning and increasing energy use. In one research study done with 13 men with bad cholesterol and belly fat Cardarine decreased fatty acids and triglycerides, and VLDL proteins.

4) Heart and blood vessels

Cardarine is known to regulate cholesterol, which affects the heart and the blood vessels. It prevents oxidative damages to the blood vessels in mice that were used in research. Cardarine reduces the risk of arteries having plaque buildup as it increases the levels of nitric oxide which is protective to the blood vessel. Cardarine also helps clear the blood vessels and this reduces the risks of heart diseases and other related complications.

5) Kidneys

In a research study done on mice, Cardarine lowered kidney inflammation. This suggests Cardarine protect the kidney against diseases.

7) Prevents liver damage

The liver is important in the body for storing, releasing and burning fats hence a top target for Cardarine. It facilitates the liver to use fatty acids as a source of its energy instead of normal glucose. This reduces blood sugar and prevents liver damage.

8) Stamina and muscle growth

By activating PPAR-delta, Cardarine starts the development of muscle fibers as seen in a study conducted on mice. The development of muscle fibers increases stamina and physical performance in humans.

9. Used in sports

Cardarine is used in sports training as it enhances endurance, improves, performances and stamina. It also helps in quick recovery and improves the body’s overall productivity.

10. Metabolism and metabolic disorders

Development of Cardarine can be used in medicine to enhance body metabolism. It promotes conversion and breakdown of stored fat to energy. This ensures that it prevents disorders that arise from metabolic problems.


Cardarine has very many positive uses in the body and not may its side effects have been reported. This means that it is a promising drug and can have better medical outcomes when taken in the correct dosage and for the correct purpose. Cardarine may not be readily available in the market due to doping regulations in some countries like the UK where it is illegal but it is available in most countries which have not scheduled it as either legal or illegal. There are also natural ways that can be used to activate PPAR-delta in the body apart from Cardarine. You can intake Cardarine for more endurance in exercises, and training however, it is banned for professional athletes worldwide because of the competitive benefits it offers. Medically the drug can be used.

Andarine (S4): Don’t buy this SARM before you read our shocking review!

andarineWhat is Andarine?

Also referred to as S4, it is a SARM produced by GTX, Inc. It was created initially to take care of muscle wasting, bloated prostate, osteoporosis, and other different disorders. Its steroid-like benefits have made it gain immense popularity nowadays among the bodybuilders.

Among the available most in-demand SARMs found in the market these days, it is considered the weakest of all when we talk about the natural steroid-like benefits. In fact, Andarine was produced initially for medical purposes and it is not at all associated with some harmful side effects from other SARMs in the market like the Ostarine and LGD-4033.

What it’s used for

It is used for bodybuilding purposes. Andarine is usually combined with other SARMs like for instance the Ostarine, LGD-4033 and also Cardarine for strength gains, speed up the size gains and also for fat loss. Andarine is also known for its cosmetic effects in bodybuilding as it helps in drying an individual out slightly an, in turn, makes the muscle look somehow harder. It also has slight effects to heal the joints and increase vascularity.

How it works

Andarine behavior is quite similar to that of androgen receptors partial agonist orally activated. According to researches that have been conducted before, it was deduced that this compound was helpful just lie finasteride to minimize prostate weight. But then no case of either any anti-androgenic unwanted effect or a decrease in the muscular mass was reported. What does this mean? It implies that Andarine can prevent dihydrotestosterone by simply placing a focus on receptors without bringing about any damage like the 5a-reductase inhibitor to the muscle gains.

To add on this, just like other SARMs in the market, Andarine has the capability to affix to androgen receptors without triggering any case of androgenic action during the process in the non-skeletal muscular tissues. It is a fact that Andarine is predicted to attach around half as strong without necessarily causing any androgenic side effect as straight testosterone. Apart from its greatness to the females, it is the perfect solution to the male people with no intention of coping with any androgenic effects.

How it is administered

The common forms of this drug are in the liquid state and users can consider buying it in different quantities and at different concentrations also.

Out of every seven days of the week, the normal recommendation by the experts is used in just five weekdays despite the fact that the drug can be used even for an extended cycle as such. There are those who can decide to provide themselves a single day off at the course of the week and another day off towards the end of your dosage, others can decide on a continuous five day consuming and two days off routine after completing the dose. The routine greatly helps to ensure that the SARMs cycle is maintained pretty constant without any cases of blood levels fluctuations.

The benefits of Andarine

Using Andarine has got a lot of benefits with it. First, the drug has the ability to get rid of any excess body fats as it keeps improving your lean muscle mass and the skeletal muscle power. In contrast with other few supplement forms in the market, the weight loss will not at all result in catabolism. This drug furthermore is capable of offering a lean and hard appearance by simply ensuring the muscle mass is dried up and in turn, making it such a perfect pre-competition drug.

From studies that have been carried out, Andrine’s androgenic effect makes it perfect to be used to minimize gynecomastia.

This drug helps in remedying the muscle losing ailment apart from its benefit to building the body muscles along with harmless prostate hypertrophy.

The side effects

Testosterone suppression is the first Andarine side effect we should talk about. This effect is reported only when your cycle extends to over eight weeks or in case it chances you took more than the recommended dosages. 70 mg gradual build-up dose is normal but anything over this amount gets an individual to experience this side effect. But then, testosterone suppression side effects that this drug reports is minimal and can be get rid by the right post-cycle and on-cycle support.

Another side effect of this drug by less common is its involvement in vision problems. This is actually nothing so serious but there are users who have reported a yellowish tint in the visual field while this drug is still active in their entire systems. However, this problem can be powered through the small vision change simply because it is mostly only reported during the night hours. If in case you experience some discomfort with this problem, it is recommended to remedy it using a five-days 2 days off the routine split.


Using appropriate dosages is essential when you decide to use this drug. If you have decided on it, compulsory quantities of either 50 mg or 75 mg are important and all this should be done in five days a week. This should be tried for a minimum of around twelve weeks. So, it’s clear that it is not necessary that you take this three times a day but this is essential to keep you alert that it should be taken on a regular basis, consider 25 mg with three meals of the day routinely. In case you need to regularly receive your results without necessarily running the appropriate cycle, then an individual will notice a reduction of the total received outcomes. Look at this example, if you take the drug for over 16 weeks, there is no case of additional muscle tissue and you can even encounter added unwanted effects from it.

Conclusion on Andarine

Andarine can also be such a strong lean muscle builder if used at high doses. The drug provides clear results in body recomposition stages or cutting stages. When it comes to dry, grainy detail to a complex physical structure, Andarine outclasses other SARMs easily and therefore, this is the perfect pre-contest SARM to think about.

The 3 Best SARMS Suppliers where you should buy your SARMS from

best sarms suppliersHow do we rate the Best SARMS suppliers

Anyone who has tried to purchase SARMS knows that it is anything but easy. Because of regulation many fake vendors have entered the market and selling compounds that have nothing to do with SARMS.

Also, a lack of understanding about SARMS results in people buying other supplements falsely sold as SARMS. Through this article, we will try to bring the 3 best SARMS suppliers in the USA and review them to see what makes them genuine and effective. Let’s go through each of them in details.


But before that, a brief on what SARMS are and what they are not? It stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. The name is self-explanatory and targets only where it intended and not the whole body. SARMS are different from Steroids and Prohormones which are sold by the fake suppliers in the name of SARMS.

While Steroids are similar to SARMS in terms of the process that both work on hormones, SARMS are milder and attach to specific sites, thus with fewer side effects. Prohormones are similar to Steroids but with a lot more side effects.

Here are the 3 best SARMS Suppliers in the USA reviewed to assist you

SARMSAMERICA: Original SARMS suppliers (USA)

The SARMS suppliers have products that could add to gain in muscles, loss of fat, regeneration, and anti-aging, and are one of the most reputed SARMS suppliers in the USA. They have products like CARDARINE, ANDARINE, OSTARINE, ANABOLIC LGD, MYOSTATINE, and others, with each product dedicated specifically to one purpose. They recommend a dosage of 15-30 ml per day and a cycle of 1 year.

The SARMSAMERICA products have a shelf life of 2 years and the products promise to show results within days of consumption but depending on body type, it may take a couple of weeks. They deliver throughout in 1-2 days and in case damaged packets arrive their return policy is very friendly.

But once the SARMS cycle is over it may take you some time to recover. Like when one stops consuming anabolic steroid, it results in a rise of estrogen and an increase in the amount of Testosterone in the body. Though not dangerous, they recommend you to buy their recovery products to negate the effects.

You have to be over 18 years to buy the product and SARMSAMERICA doesn’t hold any liability for any inadvertent damage. You ordering from them means you agree to the terms. Kindly go through the terms before purchasing.



offer SARMS like ostarine, IBUTAMORANE, LIGANDROL, ANDARINE, TESTOLONE and more. Their products are in the form of powder and capsules and as the name suggest they make the strongest SARMS in the USA. They recommend 1 ml per day and cycle of 8-12 weeks and a rest of 4 weeks between cycles.

They pride themselves with quality and if you have any doubts about the quality of their products they deliver it again free of cost. They also give a lot of discounts if you are buying in bulk. They have an international consumer base but all the products are sent from the USA.

They have special discounts if you belong to US Military & Law Enforcement Discount. And though they have many products they focus mostly on enhanced athletic performance, fat reduction and muscle growth. Their products work with more intensity and aren’t recommended looking for mild SARMS.

Like other SARMS suppliers, the product is to be bought at one’s own risk and the company holds no liability. You are expected to understand what you are buying and your order is the confirmation that you do.


SARMlabz products are tested, bottled and shipped from the USA. Their USP, they claim, is their quality, thus you receive all lab reports along with the products. Their products include 3-1 Mass SARM Stack Liquid, LIGANDOL Capsules, ANDARINE capsules, CARDARINE Capsules, LIGANDOL Capsules, PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) and more.

Their products are priced lower than their competitors and give a further discount of bulk buying. Like other suppliers, they too don’t give you any guarantees on the effectiveness of the product and you have to be over 18 to buy their products. Their return policy doesn’t include liquids and solutions.

They expect you to have a proper understanding of the product when you place an order. Your order comes with an assumption that you know that you are buying the product at your own risk.


SARMS seem to have a mixed review. While some claim to have experienced a transformation, some say it had no effect, and some also review that it had negative effects. SARMS is still new and a lot of research is still due. It is in the phase where any new products are with acceptance, neutrality, and outright rejection.

Social media posts are a buzz with review and a good place to check the right SARMS Suppliers as one can read the comments by people who have used it and checked for themselves its effectiveness. You could also read more articles on SARMS and SARMS Suppliers.

Where to buy SARMS?

It is an individual decision, though SARMS hasn’t still being legalized the law allows it for experiments, which suggests it might have beneficial effects but some side effects, too. The market is replete with hundreds of Suppliers trying to sell you drugs and chemicals in name of SARMS. If you are not aware there are good chances that you will meet disappointment.

SARMS has science behind but we need more tests to confirm its effectiveness as a supplement to help you gain muscles, lose fat, strengthen bones, etc. Before you make your purchase it would make sense to read more reviews, the science behind, the genuineness of the supplier and to find the best suppliers of SARMS out there.