REBAARREBAAR is an advanced stimulant-free formula of branched-chain amino acids that has been specially designed to incite more significant muscle growth and shorter recovery, making it loved by consumers from pro bodybuilders to MMA fighters and numerous other high-intensity athletes. It is designed and manufactured by “BELDT Labs” who recommends combining your REBAAR with our other high-performance products for even greater muscle-building results.

REBAAR Ingredients

REBAAR supplement contains the following active ingredients: Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine.

Benefits of REBAAR

Whether you are just trying to build your physique or take it to next level, taking care of your diet routine is something you will have to do. This way you will enable muscle growth and maximize the effectiveness of your workouts.

BCAAs (branched chain amino acids) are one of the most popular supplements, and generally, have great feedback from the consumers. These amino acids play a huge role in protein synthesis as well as energy generation, making it extremely important for any consumer trying to maximize their results. With such great influence and countless benefits, it is no wonder individuals are in love with it. This formula provides optimal results by delivering following three active ingredients.

L-Leucine – Among the three, L-Leucine specializes in stimulation of protein synthesis and does so with a fantastic efficiency. Because of this some even label it as a primary BCAA. BELDT Labs obviously understands its importance and puts the fair amount of dosage into the formula. Its central role is to help your body build more muscle, resulting in more lean mass.

L-Isoleucine – Although not so popular and well-researched as L-Leucine, it is of the same importance. All three combined makeup somewhere around one-third of all muscular protein and the deficiency of any amino acid can lead to the loss of significant muscle mass. This one on particular acts as an anti-catabolic agent with some studies indicating it promotes glucose metabolism and consumption.

L-Valine – It doesn’t have as potent muscle building power as the previous ones and is probably the least researched, but still, brings few excellent benefits. It provides much-needed energy for the muscles, making it possible to perform few extra reps. Although it lacks direct muscle building properties, valine can stimulate metabolism, improve cognitive function and reduce stress.
BCAAs are considered to be extremely safe, that combined with efficiency being a primary reason so many people love to consume them. You could experience some minor side effects ones, such as fatigue. Some users also claim to have experienced chest pain after the usage of supplements containing branched chained amino acids. However, this statement is not related directly with REBAAR.

How Much Does REBAAR Cost?

REBAAR supplement can be purchased directly from the manufacturer for $26.00 for a 90 capsule bottle, which should be enough for one month of treatment at a recommended dose of 3 capsules per day.

We could not find any particular offers, but 3rd party retailers are offering significant discounts on every order. Discounts can go up to 85% of the listed price.

Potential REBAAR Side Effects

No significant side effects were recorded in any medical trial so far.


It turns on protein synthesis, which promotes muscle hypertrophy (“muscle growth”).
It helps manufacture other essential amino acids in the body, some of which are utilized for the generation of energy.
It promotes healthy growth, regulates blood sugar, repairs tissues, and provides the body with energy.


May cause side effects like musculoskeletal pain.
May cause interactions with other BCCA supplements

Final Verdict

Are you experiencing problems like muscle fatigue or not satisfied with your performance in the gym? No worries because BELDT Labs have designed a high-quality supplement that will transform your performance to whole another level. An advanced blend of high-quality BCAAs, REBAAR is specially formulated to shorten recovery time and incite more significant muscle growth. Among other beneficial effects, it is well-known to support muscular endurance and increase blood flow, both of which are viable for optimal workouts.

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