RAD-140 Testolone : Don’t buy before this Shocking Review

rad 140A short introduction to Rad 140

Whether you are a professional bodybuilder, an athlete, or just a fitness enthusiast, there are high chances that at some point in your fitness routine you have thought of using steroids. While almost everyone admires the benefits of using steroids, what pushes us away from them are the downsides of consuming them. In fact, doing away with the negative side effects of steroids have been the longest wish of researchers and the fitness industry. But what if there is one product that can give you all the benefits of using steroids but without the side effects? You will be glad to hear that RAD-140 is one such product that comes with all the positive benefits of steroids with no side effects. So what really is RAD-140?
What is RAD-140?

Popularly known as Testolone, this is the newest sensational drug that is taking the fitness industry by storm. Belonging to the class of compounds known as selective androgen receptor modulators or SARMs, testolone has been popularised by its extraordinary muscle-building effects. If you don’t know SARMs, these are compounds that work by binding to those androgen receptors found in the various parts of the body. These receptors intermingle with the androgens that are in the body. The androgens such as androstenedione, testosterone, and dihydrotestosterone usually naturally produced by your body.
SARMs have the same effect as testosterone because they act upon the same receptor. However, SARMs are different from steroids in that they are very selective of where they work. Generally, they target your bone tissues and muscles more while the effects on other body organs are very minimal. This is why SARMs are very effective when it comes to treating muscle wasting and hormone-related disorders. The drug also became popular among those men with very low testosterone levels but did not want to undergo testosterone replacement therapy. Currently, there are numerous researchers that are investigating its potential benefits in increasing muscle mass, protecting brain cells, and fighting breast cancer.

History of RAD-140

Testolone is currently being manufactured by Radius Health, a well-known public trading pharmaceutical company. The history of this drug dates back to early 2000 when it was first discovered. By then, it was being examined whether it could be used to prevent muscle wasting in the patients that were terminally ill. However, the SARM soon found a variety of different applications including the treatment of breast cancer. Despite all that, it was only until early 2010 when the first batches of the drug started arriving in the supplement stores.

How Does RAD-140 Work?

Unlike steroids, this drug works by a process whereby it stimulates the androgen receptors that are in the body in a selective manner. It mainly targets those receptors that are in the bones and muscle while having little to no effect on a person’s reproductive organs. Although its selective ability is not so well understood yet, it is believed that it works by activating various body proteins in a selective manner, unlike testosterone. As a result of this, only some androgen receptors especially those found in the muscles become activated and the remaining ones become spared. Additionally, RAD-140s structure is quite different from that of testosterone and this means that it can’t be easily converted into hormones like estrogen that are known to produce some very undesirable effects.

Pros and Cons

  • Increases muscle mass
  • Helps burn fat
  • Protects brain cells
  • Fewer to none side effects when compared to steroids
  • May help treat certain breast cancers


  • Testosterone suppression may be possible
  • No studies were done using human beings

Where To Buy

There are many places where you will find this drug being sold. However, the most recommended place to buy it is from Sarms4You where you will find it going at $69, 95 per bottle. This is also one of the few suppliers that ship the product worldwide and offers free shipping on orders above $150.

How To Use

This drug can be used solo, with SARMs, and also with anabolic steroids.

Solo –Males typically requires between 5-mgs to 20-mgs per day. You should try as much as possible never to exceed 30-mgs in a day. If you decide to cycle it then you should run it for about 12 to 16 weeks and afterward take between 6 to 8 weeks off inclusive of the post cycle.

With SARMs – It stacks well with any SARM and if you want to really bulk up, you can consider stacking it with anabolicum. On the other hand, if you are seeking to cut you will just use it with Cardarine. Lastly, if your aim is recovery from injuries then you should stack it with Ostarine.

With Anabolic Steroids – One of the best things about this drug is that it can be used in a steroid cycle as a testosterone base. Doing this helps the user to cut down on the harmful side effects of steroids. All you have to do is just replace between 10-mgs to 20-mgs of it for Testosterone.

Female Use

Being a non-androgenic compound makes RAD-140 very safe for use even by the females. When used by ladies, it won’t lead to any virilization issues such as aggression, developing male-like features, voice deepening, body hair, and clitoris enlargement. However, the dosage for females is quite low and ranges from 2.5-mgs to 10-mgs per day.

Side Effects

Just like any other compound that is very strong, this drug has some side effects that are, however, manageable. When you are using it, you may experience occasional irregular headaches which later fade away and some sleepless nights. Apart from that, some users may become increasingly aggressive which can be on the other hand a positive thing during those very intense workouts. It is advisable to scale down the dosage or even consider taking a few days break when you realize that you have these effects.


Overall, RAD140 is considered to be one of the strongest and most effective SARMS that you can ever come across. The benefits of using this drug are numerous including the explosive muscle-building effect that is similar to that of using steroids. Although its side effects are nowhere near those of steroids, it doesn’t mean that you now stop using common sense when using it. With that being said, it is recommended that you first consult your doctor before you begin your first cycle.