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Many men are self-conscious about their manhood. This thought affects their sexual relationship. Many even think that they are not enough for their partners. You will hear that people get surgeries for penis enlargement. However, there are other solutions to get what you wish for. Primal Grow Pro is the best solution for all male sexual health problems.


There are several solutions to male enhancement; however, many men choose surgical alternatives. These surgical procedures are heavy on the pocket. Additionally, they even have risk factors. Other options include pills or medicines that help in penile enhancement. However, many of these products are frauds and are present just to make money.

Primal Grow Pro is different from the rest of the male enhancement products in the market. For starters, it is the byproduct of years of research and testing. A 3000 years old Penis Growth cocktail is the base of this product. This cocktail originated in Africa. The product claims to increase penis size by 35%. The manufacturers promise to increase the size of the penis to at least 3 inches in size within thirty days.


It must be the very first question that comes in your mind when you hear about this magic pill. The effect of the product is from the ingredients in it. The ingredients used in the product are 100% pure and organic. The following is the list of ingredients in the product. These help to produce the cumulative effect that you desire;

1. Gingko Biloba

The main ingredient that affects sexuality is Gingko Biloba. This ingredient helps to stop the depletion of testosterone levels. It increases sexual drive.

2. Saint John’s Wort

It is another essential ingredient found in the product. It helps in relaxing the mind. Thus, you will be sleeping better. It is associated with a decrease in the levels of anxiety and stress.

3. Huperzine

This ingredient helps to sharpen your mind. It also helps in fighting depression. Huperzine is a potent ingredient that will help you to feel confident about yourself.

4. L-Carnitine

It is the main amino acid present in your body. This ingredient is helpful for athletes. It helps to give a boost to your entire body process. It increases energy at the cellular level. This type of amino acid helps to boost muscle power as well.

5. Bacopa Moneri

It is a natural ingredient to increase potency. It helps to increase the duration of erections. After having the pills, you will also feel an improvement in the intensity of your erections. This ingredient is the natural Viagra ingredient. Additionally, it helps to repair the damage in testicles. It is a booster of testosterone and a promoter of mass in muscles and bones.

6. Vinpocetine

The seeds of Vocanga Africana are the source of this compound. This ingredient helps to improve the flow of blood to the penis. Because of this, it helps in the improvement of erections.


The theory behind a relatively smaller penis and weak erections is a leakage. This leakage is a hypothetical term used by the manufacturer. According to the researchers, the penis suffers from nutrient malabsorption. This malabsorption causes the penis to be devoid of all the nutrition. These nutrients eliminate via urine. The product claims to serve as a plug for the leak.

If you are thinking about how this can happen? The ingredients used in the primal grow pro are pure and are of the best quality. It makes it easy to absorb. After absorbing in the body, they automatically trigger growth processes in the body. L-Glutamine present in the product is what fixes the leak. It helps in treating the malabsorption. It helps your penis to stock up on the essential nutrients. After these steps, the actual growth process initiates. After this, you will soon observe an increase in length and girth of your penis within days.


A review of the ingredients shows that it can treat erectile dysfunction. One of the root causes of erectile dysfunction is an insufficient flow of blood to the penis. Vinpocetine, the super ingredient, helps to improve blood flow to the penis. Hence, you will notice that issue of erectile dysfunction will be long gone.


  • Increases the size of the penis within thirty days
  • Increase the capacity to get erections on demand
  • It helps to solve erectile dysfunctions and other related issues
  • It helps to get firm erections while performing sexual activities
  • Improvement in the level of orgasms
  • Suitable for all adult men
  • 60 days money-back guarantee
  • Dosage instructions are easy to follow, i.e., one capsule every day for thirty days.
  • The design and preparation of formulation were after extensive trials and experiments
  • The ingredients are from top sources all over the world, which ensures a quality product
  • Easily available for online purchase
  • The capsule dosage form is suitable for the majority of the population
  • 60 days money-back guarantee
  • No dietary restrictions
  • No allergens. The quantities of the ingredients are below levels to produce any allergic reactions.
  • Suitable for diabetic people.
  • Cost-effective. One bottle costs $69.


  • Not suitable for males younger than 18 years of age.
  • Not approved by the FDA.
  • No research on females. Expanding the research circle on females will help capture a broader audience.


An evaluation of Primal Grow Pro shows that the product is an authentic solution to many male issues. Review from each aspect has only pointed towards the benefits of the product. The negatives of the product are minimal. The advantages that the product offers outweigh the disadvantages.

The rare and pure ingredients ensure that Primal Grow Pro produces a quick effect on the body. These are not just male enhancement pills. They are a solution to erectile dysfunction and other relevant issues. It also helps in relaxation of the mind. Thus, improving the mood. This product is a tough competition to beat.

Additionally, the manufacturers are offering a 60-day money-back guarantee. It means that you can return the pills if they do not produce an effect on you. There is not much to lose after you buy this product.



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