Phosphatidylserine Complex Review 2019 – Is It Worth Your Money ?

Phosphatidylserine ComplexWhat is Phosphatidylserine Complex

Phosphatidylserine Complex is advertised as a powerful cognitive-enhancing supplement that supports brain health and helps improve focus and concentration.

The manufacturing company behind this supplement is “BoostCeuticals” who claim that their product not only improves focus and concentration but also enhance cognitive function and reduce early mental decline.

According to BoostCeuticals, this formula was specially designed to combine the benefits of Phosphatidylserine with the unique properties of several potent herbal extracts such as Ginkgo Biloba, Gotu Kola, and Rosemary. Phosphatidylserine Complex also contains a small amount of DMAE.

Phosphatidylserine Complex Ingredients

Phosphatidylserine Complex includes the following ingredients: Phosphatidylserine 500 mg (standardized to contain 20% Phosphatidylserine, 100 mg), Ginkgo Biloba leaf extract 200 mg, Gotu Kola whole plant extract 150 mg, Rosemary aerial parts extract 100 mg, and DMAE 50 mg.

Other ingredients include: Gelatin and rice powder.

Benefits of Phosphatidylserine Complex

Phosphatidylserine is a fat-like compound or phospholipid, that can be found in all of our cell membranes. Phosphatidylserine is extremely important to inter-cellular communications and transfer of resources, biochemical messages, and nutrients into the cell.

This phospholipid plays a key role in supporting a healthy brain and nervous system, much like phosphatidylcholine. While the compound is produced naturally by the human body, additional intake through supplemental sources can ensure enough Phosphatidylserine is supplied.

Phosphatidylserine Complex

Phosphatidylserine is known to improve memory, especially in older adults. A study conducted in 2010 on 78 elderly people over a period of six months revealed that those who received Phosphatidylserine instead of placebo experienced major improvements in their memory performance.

Other medical sources suggest that Phosphatidylserine can help with learning and improve the speed of memory recall. While these effects are more noticeable with cognitive deficits such as age-related memory loss, Phosphatidylserine can also be used successfully by young adults.

It is also important to note that the supplement sources of Phosphatidylserine which are currently available for purchase from online or offline stores in most countries, including the United States, are derived from soy lecithin.

Phosphatidylserine Complex produced by BoostCeuticals contains a generous amount of Phosphatidylserine. The 500 mg available in this formulation is within the effective range of 200 mg to 500 mg recommended by many medical specialists and showed to provide the most benefits when taken.

How Much Does Phosphatidylserine Complex Cost?

Phosphatidylserine Complex is available in bottles of 100 capsules each. However, as the recommended dose is two capsules three to six times daily, one bottle of Phosphatidylserine Complex will not be enough for a full month of treatment. Each bottle costs about $23, but you might be able to purchase it at a discounted price from online stores such as

Potential Phosphatidylserine Complex Side Effects

As with every dietary supplement, it is always recommended to seek the advice of a qualified medical professional before taking the product.

Because Phosphatidylserine is a natural compound, there are very few adverse effects linked to taking this supplement. These side effects consist primarily of excessive sweating, stomach upset, and diarrhea.

This supplement is not generally recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women due to a lack of human research trials on these subjects.


  • The formula contains a large dose of Phosphatidylserine
  • All ingredients included in this formula have been proven to work and provide various cognitive benefits
  • While usually recommended to elder people, Phosphatidylserine Complex can also be useful for young adults


  • You will need up to two bottles per month as the recommended daily dose is quite massive
  • Many similar supplements available on the market
  • Can get quite expensive due to the highly recommended dose

Final Verdict

While the formula produced by BoostCeuticals is not unique, the product was built around the “right ingredients.” The mixture of Phosphatidylserine, powerful herbal extracts and DMAE might just be enough for most people.

If you are looking for a decent Phosphatidylserine-based supplement, Phosphatidylserine Complex produced by BoostCeuticals might be the right choice.

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