Noni Supplement for Dogs: Is it Good for Your Dogs? See the Facts

Our best pet friends, dogs, need some supplements just like most humans do. While many animals have their specific dosage of supplements to be taken, dogs are naturally powerful and more energetic than most animals.

However, elderly dogs lose their strength and stamina over time. This could be because of many underlying reasons or commonly because their body stops absorbing nutrients.

In such cases, health supplements could do wonders.

When it comes to health supplements, Noni supplements are the best for dogs. Traditionally, noni fruits were used to treat a lot of health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, aches, pains, burns, arthritis, inflammation, viral and bacterial infections in humans as well as animals, especially dogs.

What are Noni Supplements? Can dogs consume Noni supplements?

Noni Supplements are made from Noni Fruits. Noni comes from an evergreen shrub grown in southeast Asia and Australia. This shrub is mainly famous for its glossy leaves, white flowers, seeded fruits called Noni.

One can have noni juice, or noni supplements to ensure good health as it is loaded with vitamins and antioxidants. These are needed for older dogs who do not have enough strength and immunity.

Our beloved dogs require a lot of antioxidants when they’re young and especially when they age. Since noni supplements are extremely healthy and loaded with vitamin E and antioxidants, they can keep your dogs fit for a long time.

You may also add noni supplements to your dog’s food or give it in the form of gummy candy.

Why is it recommended for dogs to consume noni supplements? Do doctors suggest it?

We just can’t sit and watch our furry friends feeling low, sick and tired all the time. The noni fruit supplement can help them become livelier and healthier. As most dogs suffer from allergies, skin rashes, hair problems, and weak immune system, noni supplement can treat them well.

Most doctors say that dogs can consume noni supplements because noni contains nutrients, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory, anti-neoplastic, anti-parasitic, tranquillizing and immune-modulating substances. The different parts of this plant have phytochemicals, organic acids and alkaloids.

What are the health benefits of noni supplements for dogs?

Noni supplements can benefit your cute friends in the following ways:


Noni supplements can help treat many bacterial and fungal infections of ear, skin and other organs. It can fight Candida yeast infections and mycobacterium tuberculosis in your loved pets.


Cancer can easily affect dogs who live with smokers. Some breeds are more susceptible to cancer and you should be well aware of it.

Some dogs may benefit from noni supplements to prevent breast cancers. Noni supplements are even beneficial while treating cancer as noni can boost immunity.


Many noni supplements can be consumed orally as well as applied topically to soothe pain and inflammation.

Noni supplements can also be fed along with other prescribed medications to soothe inflammation caused by those medicines as a side-effect.


As it has many antioxidants and nutrients, noni can easily react with the gut health and liver health to produce healthy bacteria to fight all digestive issues.

It can be beneficial in treatment of liver cirrhosis, hepetitis, cancer and indigestion.


Noni powder has been used as insecticide for years now. Since it contains octanoic acid, it can literally kill parasites and save your dog from toxins.

It can also be used to treat heartworm in pets by adding longevity to the list.


When your furry pet slows down due to ageing, noni supplement comes to rescue your boy. Most noni supplements can increase mobility and appetite in pets, especially dogs.

It boosts energy levels and reduces environmental, physical, mental and emotional stress too.


Pets can have more skin issues than you think. Before they have a rash or inflammation, it is advised you do something to ensure they always have smoother skin.

Noni supplements are loaded with antioxidants that can stop skin irritations, rashes and improves muscles too.


Your pet needs attention when he ages. Noni is a great anti-inflammatory ingredient that boosts healing, immunity and the overall quality of life.

What are the best Noni Supplements for dogs?

There are thousands of Supplement brands for dogs, but we have found out the best noni supplements for your loved dogs.

This noni supplement promotes healthy living and boosts energy so your pet remains energized always. You will never have to see your pet drowsy again.

This is exceptionally famous for providing vitamin E and nutrients that can help boost the immunity and digestive system of your dogs. It also helps fighting free radicals.

It is said to support the immune system and normal cellular responses. This nutritional health supplement can raise the energy levels to peak and make your dog younger and healthier again.

It is a combination of Acai, Mangosteen, Noni, Goji, Camu Camu, Macui and Aloe Vera. Its powerful antioxidants boost longevity and energy, thus making it ideal for everyday consumption.

This excellent juice supplement aids digestion and helps in absorption of nutrients. It boosts immunity and helps flush out toxins from your dog’s body. It is exceptionally safe for consumption too!

While there are many other combinations of noni supplements, you can have these as your go-to or must-haves.

Noni may be mixed with other ingredients in some supplements, read the description label before you buy a supplement.

Can dogs take Noni Supplements originally meant for Humans?

Yes, most Noni Supplements that are naturally formulated can be good for dogs too. However, it depends on ‘WHY’ you want to feed Noni to your dog.

If your dog is young and is low on energy, it would be better to check with a Vet rather than feeding him supplements. Whereas an older dog who is low on energy is at risk of diseases and certainly has a low immunity. In that case, Noni supplements are really great.

Sometimes, human supplements may prove to be very dangerous for your dog. Especially when Noni is mixed with other fruits, herbs or medicinal ingredients, you need to be very careful. If you already give a balanced meal to your dog, you need not overload him with nutrients.

Excessive of anything can be harmful too. So while Noni Supplements are really great and healthy, be very careful as to when and why you’re feeding them.

Say Bow Wow to Noni Supplements!

Your dog is loved and should be loved. I suppose you’re in love with Noni fruit already. Since your dog deserves equal amount of respect and love, feed him all the Noni Supplements you like.

But if any reaction occurs, please consult a physician at the earliest!


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