NJ Diet Review

We’ve seen that a lot of people have a hard time because of their unhealthy bodies. Most people just keep on working out in order to lose their weight. Isn’t that insane? Some of them aren’t even aware that just working out for a few days will not provide them with a better shape or help them lose excessive fat!

We’ve often observed that a person who goes to the gym on a daily basis, loses his weight on those particular days but as he stops going to the gym, he would gain his weight back. There should be an awareness made on the advantages of scientific effects on the human body. If you have the desire to lose your weight and want the strength to maintain it forever then ‘NJ Diet’ is just the right thing for you!

NJ Diet – Overview

NJ diet is a scientific and safe approach to a healthy living with beneficial weight loss. The NJ Diet program can help you regulate your metabolism, appetite, fat storage and fat burning power. Plus, it also helps you reduce your hunger which in turn helps you to stay fit and lose weight quickly. They use DNA testing over 40 different factors that are assessed genetically to make sure you live a perfect and healthy life.

The program’s aim is not only to promote healthy weight loss but also to look after your total wellness! The only side-effect would be- losing weight, but the result would be a stable and healthy health overall.

How does the ‘NJ Diet’ work?

When you come in for consultation, they’ll explain their process and the advantages of using it. The best part about this program is that they create an amazing environment in which a person feels valued and accepted as an individual. They’ll also explain how their individualized system works to reduce the hunger which helps in hunger and feel healthier.

The four-components approach is created so you can lose 20-40lbs or more of fat in just 40 days! Even if you can’t go for the live consultation, don’t worry! They have a video live consultation too.

I’m sure you’re pretty impressed by this diet program!

The four components are:

  • 1st component: It uses the hair, saliva and blood work samples along with our proprietary bio-energetic balancing scans, we can powerfully customize the supplements with laser-like precision to help every patient attain and balance their weight.
  • 2nd component: The person is kept on an hormone healing diet for 40 days allowing their body to heal itself completely inside out. Each and every step is monitored.
  • 3rd component: The program’s aim is that you lose weight and not lose all the water in your body. So, the individual has to visit the office every 10-14 days for a check-up. They will also provide you the doctor’s personal phone number and email for any queries.
  • 4th component: They’ll make sure you don’t put on the weight back. For this, you’ll get to reset your weight in a perfect manner to ensure you don’t put on the weight back.

The goals of the program:

They love to see their customers happy! They want to make sure that each and every individual who joins this program is completely happy with the results and with the changes in their bodies! Their main goal would always be that you lose weight but they’ll always see to it that you don’t lose the body’s water.

Here are certain important goals for you to follow for a fit and healthy lifestyle:

  • You should make mini resolutions which motivate you to stick to your goal.
  • Never delay your goals.
  • Treat yourself in a healthy way, never take your health for granted.
  • Do not neglect your mental health.
  • Increase the water intake as much as possible.
  • Never underestimate the importance of a sound sleep.
  • Work towards healthy weight loss.

Why is it better than other diets? & Benefits!

  • They provide a personalized calorie count which is designed one the basis of your body type.
  • They give you different types of eating tools so that we have a proper idea on how shall we eat even if we are just 2-3 pounds over from the end of the program weight.
  • They use 40 types of different DNA testing genetically designed for all types of body which helps one stay fit and healthy and lose weight without any complications.
  • They will also perform a bio energetic scan at the end of the program which tells us which foods our body the best and also supports the biological preference too!

Specifications about the program:

It is fully supervised: For overall safety and success, they have used saliva, hair and blood work samples along with their proprietary bio energetic balancing scans. They personalize the natural solutions and supplements so that every individual gets the proper nutrition that’s certified personnel.

  • It is all natural: It is their goal to help each and every individual to attain their weight and maintain the health goals that they have. So through the different testing, including the DNA testing will help them to achieve their goals.
  • It is totally customizable: Using the different types of 40 DNA testing will help people to lose weight easily avoiding all the fatness.

How can you register?

There are three steps that one must follow:

  • Register for their Initial Evaluation and Consultation: In this visit they will explain the certain steps and facts regarding how this system will work to reduce your hunger in order to lose weight.
  • Pre- Evaluation: After the Initial Evaluation and Consultation step, they’re be a Pre- Evaluation process in which your body will undergo a check to mark your current body status. This process will measure your body fat (BMI) in percentage (℅), body’s water in percentage (℅), bone mass, muscle mass, visceral fat and metabolic age.
  • Questions and answers: They care for our people the most! So there’ll be a session where we’ll answer all the questions and queries you have regarding the fees and the program.

The cost:

Attending the Initial Evaluation and Consultation is usually $99 but the good news is that, if you register it today on our website, you get the deal done at $27 only!

Go ahead and register now! Happy weight losing!

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