Neuro Peak Review 2019 – Pro’s and Con’s

Neuro PeakWhat is Neuro Peak

Neuro Peak is presented as a very powerful nootropic supplement that has rapidly become one of the most bought brain supplements on Amazon US. Neuro Peak is produced by Zhou Nutrition, a Kansas-based supplement, and nutrition company who claims to offer affordable and quality products. While the company makes a broad range of high-quality products, Neuro Peak is the company’s only nootropic supplement.

According to the official website, this formula was specially designed to support memory, focus, and clarity naturally. Neuro Peak can also help with mild anxiety, and it can reduce your stress levels.

Neuro Peak Ingredients

Neuro-Peak includes the following ingredients: St. John’s Wort (flower heads) 250 mg, Dimethylaminoethanol Bitartrate (DMAE) 50 mg, N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCI 50 mg, L-Glutamine 150 mg, Phosphatidylserine 4% Complex (consisting of Lecithin and Phosphatidyl Serine) 125 mg, Ginkgo Biloba (24% leaf extract) 50 mg, Vinpocetine (seeds) 2 mg, Bacopa Monniera (20% bacosides) 100 mg, Huperzine-A (aerial plant) 10 mcg.

Other ingredients include Gelatin (bovine source).

Benefits of Neuro Peak

Neuro Peak is one of the fastest growing brain supplements on the market with over 3.000 positive reviews on Amazon US. Giving its incredible success, it’s really surprising that so few websites have done a serious and impartial Neuro Peak review.

It’s really surprising then that so few people have done a serious and unbiased Neuro Peak review.

So let’s take a look at Neuro Peak’s core ingredients. There are two things that hit us right from the start: St. John’s Wort (a controversial herb that has been used for centuries to treat various health conditions) and DMAE (an ethanol molecule that has received many bad reviews lately).

St. John’s Wort is a flowering plant that is commonly used to ease symptoms of depression. People have been using St. John’s Wort for centuries, but the evidence that supports its health benefits are anecdotal.

Neuro Peak

Licensed naturopathic physician Jeremy Wolf stated that this herb is responsible for many reactions in the body. St. John’s Wort acts as a powerful antidepressant and may elevate mood in individuals with mild depression while being ineffective in people with severe forms of depression. However, the FDA did not approve St. John’s Wort for this purpose.

It is also worth mentioning that the typical dose would be anywhere from 300 to 1.200 mg a day, placing Neuro Peak right under the minimum recommended dose of St. John’s Wort.

DMAE (also known as dimethylaminoethanol) is a natural compound produced in small quantities in the brain and is linked to cognitive function and memory. Because of that, DMAE is commonly used in brain supplementation to support short-term memory, learning, and concentration. It is also occasionally used to treat the symptoms of ADHD, though FDA excluded DMAE as an effective ADHD treatment.

So why is DMAE so controversial? First of all, the FDA has determined that most studies supporting the health benefits of DMAE were insufficient. This means that most statements companies make to support their DMAE-based supplements are nothing but mere claims. Secondly, DMAE has been associated with numerous potential dangerous side effects, including hyperactivity, headaches, insomnia, urticaria and skin reactions, confusion, increased blood pressure, increased the extension of the symptoms of schizophrenia, loss of memory, and depression.

So far you’ve read a lot of negative things about Neuro Peak, so let’s take a look at some of the positives too.

N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCL (commonly known as ALCAR) a widely used ingredient in nootropic supplements because of its ability to increase mitochondrial capacity and alertness. L-Glutamine is a powerful amino acid claimed to have immune-system-supporting properties. Ginkgo Biloba is one of the most popular herbal ingredients in many brain supplements because it is believed to improve the blood flow to the brain, thus increasing the level of oxygen in the brain.

The massive number of positive testimonials is another huge plus. According to Zhou Nutrition, all ingredients in Neuro Peak work in synergy to help improve your brain power and based on all the positive reviews, that seems to be the case.

How Much Does Neuro Peak Cost?

One bottle of Neuro Peak costs $19.99 ($0.67 per serving), which means this supplement is cheaper than many other similar brain enhancers. Neuro Peak is also widely available online and big retailers, such as Amazon, might offer additional discounts and promotions. For instance, buying 4 or more Zhou Nutrition products (doesn’t have to be Neuro Peak) from Amazon US, will get you an additional 20% discount on your order.

Potential Neuro Peak Side Effects

According to Zhou Nutrition, Neuro Peak is safe to use with very few reported side effects. With such a small recommended serving size, it is very unlikely the formula will have an adverse impact on your body.

Zhou Nutrition also claims that all ingredients used in Neuro Peak are tested, approved, and widely used.

However, as we said above, the major factor in side effects is DMAE. Besides its many potential side effects, DMAE is potentially teratogenic, meaning that it may cause congenital disabilities when used by women who are pregnant. This risk is believed to be even higher when using DMAE in the first days following conception. For this reason, it should not be used by women who are trying to become pregnant.


  • An overwhelming number of positive reviews and testimonials
  • Zhou Nutrition is a reputable manufacturer with a lot of experience in developing and producing supplements
  • Neuro Peak is an interesting mixture of powerful ingredients
  • Affordable if compared to other similar brain supplements


  • The formula includes two controversial ingredients: DMAE and St. John’s Wort
  • DMAE has been associated with a wide range of potentially dangerous side effects
  • Neuro Peak is not very unique and the formula as a whole has not been tested

Final Verdict

Neuro Peak is a very weird case, for us at least. The supplement doesn’t stand out, doesn’t look very unique or powerful, yet it’s one of the best selling brain supplements of all time. How is that possible? There are two likely scenarios here. First, ignoring the controversial ingredients, Zhou Nutrition managed to put together a formula that actually works despite all the red flags it raises. The second scenario involves an aggressive marketing campaign and a lot of “not so legit” reviews and testimonials.

Is it Neuro Peak worth buying? Because of the bad experiences we had with DMAE-based supplements, we tend to say “no.” However, Neuro Peak might work for you, to some extent at least, and considering the $19.99 price tag and the money back policy, you might want to give it a try.

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