Krill Oil Gold Review 2019

Krill Oil GoldWhat Is Krill Oil Gold

Krill Oil Gold is a highly bioavailable source of omega-3 fatty acids and also a natural source of astaxanthin, a member of the B-carotenoid family that helps combat free radicals.

The manufacturing company behind this product is “Nutrigold” who claims that their product is a potent antioxidant formula that promotes healthy cardiovascular, cognitive and joint function. They further argue that it does not contain magnesium stearate, stearic acid, dioxides, sulfates, artificial ingredients or preservatives.

Krill Oil Gold Ingredients

Krill Oil Gold produced by NutriGold contains the following active ingredients: NKO Krill Oil (Euphausia superba) 1,000 mg, Phospholipids 420 mg, Total Omega-3 Fatty Acids 265 mg, EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) 140 mg, DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) 85 mg, Other Omega-3 Fatty Acids 40 mg, and Astaxanthin 835 mcg.

Other Ingredients: Caplique capsule (fish gelatin from tilapia or carp).

Contains fish (capsule shell) and shellfish (krill oil).

Benefits of Krill Oil Gold

Omega-3 fatty acids are usually derived from fish oil and are the most beneficial type of polyunsaturated fats for most individuals. They support cognitive, cardiovascular and joint health by helping the body to act as a natural blood thinner. This, in turn, works to support the replacement of individual cells and to reduce inflammation naturally. You can even find that Omega-3 fatty acids will help with things like digestive tract problems and insulin sensitivity that have caused as a response to inflammation. While it is no cure by itself, it is one of the natural compounds that most people lack in their regular diets.

Krill Oil Gold works primarily by supplying the body with omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants that contribute to overall health and well-being. This product is extracted from Euphausia Superba and contains a more bioavailable form of krill oil, so the nutrients are quickly absorbed and utilized by the body. NKO is a phospholipid based premium form of krill oil that makes it more bioavailable to the body. While other omega-3 fatty acid supplements feature triglyceride form which makes them difficult to digest and absorb, Krill Oil Gold can smoothly pass through the cellular membranes thus providing superb benefits.

This product also contains Astaxanthin, a potent antioxidant that eliminates free radicals from the body. It has also been considered to play an important role in reducing cancer. It also supports cardiovascular, cognitive, joint, and skeletal health.
Nutrigold Krill Oil Gold supplement is packed in one of the safest ways that are guaranteed to prevent it from heat and reduce spoilage. Further, it contains minute of mercury levels, which is one of the biggest concerns for individuals who take fish based oil supplements.

Another advantage of this supplement is the fact that it contains no soy, nor does it feature triglycerides like some other leading krill oil supplements on the market. This makes it easier for certain individuals with easily upset stomachs to more efficiently absorb and metabolize the omega-3 fatty acids. It also results in a small size capsule, which is something that individuals with swallowing issues will find advantageous.

How Much Does Krill Oil Gold Cost?

Krill Oil Gold by NutriGold is more expensive than most other similar supplements available at the moment of this review. However, the price is somehow justified by the quality of the ingredients and the unique manufacturing process.

Krill Oil Gold is available in bottles of 120 soft gels each for the price of $39.99 per bottle. At the recommended dose of two soft gels per day, one bottle of the product should last for about two months.

Potential Krill Oil Gold Side Effects

Krill Oil Gold contains high-quality ingredients that have been proven safe to use, even in larger than recommended doses. However, the fish oil used to make Krill Oil Gold is sourced from crustaceans, making it unsafe for individuals with shellfish hypersensitivity.


  • It improves neurologic, cardiovascular, joint, and skeletal health, stimulates the immune response and reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and certain cancer.
  • It is free from nuts, soy, gluten, and wheat and easily digested and absorbed by the body.
  • It has no foul smell or fishy aftertaste


  • It is sourced from crustaceans, making it unsafe for individuals with shellfish hypersensitivity.
  • It can increase the chances of bleeding for people taking blood thinning drugs.

Final Verdict

If you do not mind paying some extra for a premium product that will promote the health of your cardiovascular system, help to improve cognitive function and reduce inflammation while decreasing the occurrence of things like depression and mood swings, then this is the Krill Oil Gold supplement that you want to buy. It contains a premium grade of fish oil along with potent antioxidant that has been scientifically proven to improve health and well-being at a holistic level.

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