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Let me make this clear; love, understanding, teamwork and every other ingredient they say make good relationships are nothing but abstract nouns if you have a small penis. Imagine going on a date with a girl who’s a 9/10. This date goes really well such that it continues in the bedroom. Things start happening; shirts go up, pants go down, underwear follows suit and boom, she’s greeted by a baby pickle. I am very sure you already know how this story ends. Bottom line, you’ll get rejected, cheated on and even have your self-esteem trampled on just because of your little junk.

Now an average penis measures 5.5 inches, which I can’t really compare to anything reasonable, then you find yourself in the restroom of a bar with three penises, yours inclusive. The other two measures about 7 inches while you’re struggling with a 4-inch weenie. The chances of peeing out of your zipper, in this case, is very high.

Deep down, you know how you feel whenever you remember your fate, but the question is, what do you do with your dwarf of a penis. Do you bear all the emotional trauma that comes with the rejections and chuckles at your baby pickle, or do you wish to grow that pickle till it becomes a cucumber and have women and men alike come back for more? Well, you’ve come to the right place for a solution because the revolutionary supplement, Hyper Male Force, is just what you need.


Fun fact, the length of the penis depends on the human growth hormones secreted in the brain, so whatever growth that must occur has to start from the brain. Penis growth occurs during puberty. This means once puberty stops, penile growth stops and this is due to a disconnection in the penis-brain network. This happens due to a number of reasons such as exposure to pollution, stress and toxins from chemical products are also risk factors to this penis-brain disconnect. In the long run, this leads to poor sexual performance, weak erections and even shrinkage of the penis.

In a bid to fix their penile issues, male folks have been ripped-off as the high demand of penis enlargement has caused an absurd rise in penis enlargement medications, procedures and exercises.

Absurd because these procedures have focused solely on the pumping of blood to the penis tissues itself rather than targeting what actually triggers penile growth in men. The crazy thing is these knockoff procedures turn out to be very expensive, accompanied by the very high risk of an even worse predicament such as a broken penis from penis stretching, and trust me you don’t want to even imagine what that would feel like.


Hyper Male force supplement is a healthy and permanent solution to your small penis problems as it organically matures the length, girth and overall wellbeing of the penis.

It is indeed one of a kind as it contains 29 natural ingredients whose primary reason for existence and inclusion in the blend is to foster penile growth. These ingredients have been tested by 64,000 males of different races and have been said to increase the penis length by 3 inches in just a few weeks. Hyper Male Force ingredients act as a brain-penis-growth neurotransmitter by biologically regenerating penis growth cells.


The Hyper Male Force is a supplement like no other. It completely restarts the growing process of your body, but this time with a 90% focus on your penis. The stimulation process is 100% natural, and it provides your brain with the perfect blend of ingredients it needs to restart the growth process in an organic way – the way nature intended it to be before you got stuck on 5.5 inches or less.

The mechanism behind the Hyper Male Force is borne out of the cutting-edge medical research and analysis by a Penis Reconstruction Expert – Dr. Kleimer. The supplement’s mechanism is divided into three stages:

  • It starts with the quick absorption of the ingredients. The body immediately absorbs all 29 ingredients contained in Hyper Male Force. They start spreading through the body, triggering the growth processes. 
  • Cell regeneration kicks in, and the brain immediately becomes supercharged. This usher in the production of essential brain chemicals and growth hormones. When this happens, you feel hyper and proactive. This happens because there’s an increased production of Gamma-Amino Butyric Acid (GABA), and research has shown that this acid boosts growth hormone production by up to 400%.
  • The repair of the penis tissues also begins, and this features the growth and expansion of your penis beyond your expectations.


The unique blend of herbs and natural growth stimulants, all in the right proportion, fosters the positive results. The combination of Vitamins B1, B2, B3, and B6 has been specially designed to enhance GABA production.

Dr. Kleimer was able to combine the following plants and herbs strategically gathered from three continents over the world to charge penis growth:

  • Ashwagandha. Often dubbed ‘the magic bullet for male health.’
  • Rhodiola Rosea.
  • Hawthorn
  • Skullcap

These four ingredients provide the supplement with all the firepower that is contained in them. The other 15 ingredients all work together to support the penile expansion process and offer a natural fortification for the penis’s cartilage. Another noteworthy ingredient is the Gotu kola, also called the Holy Grail of Penis Fortification. This ingredient acts as a natural potency pill, increasing sexual stamina and duration.


The big question of the day. Why want to expand your penis in the first place? Well, studies have shown that meeting your significant other’s sexual desire is a determinant of many faithful relationships. Meeting your partner’s needs goes beyond sex positions. The size of your junk matters a lot if you want to actually hit the spot. No guy ever wants to be cheated on, especially because of his inability to get his partners there.

That precisely is what the Hyper Male Force was made to prevent. Experience whole-body muscular transformation, reduction of anxiety and stress, improved cognition, mental Fitness, improved muscles, and more energy as the ingredients course through your body. So what are you waiting for? Order your bottle of Hyper Male Force today at a very affordable price and enjoy the king of aphrodisiacs.

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