Garden of Life Raw CoQ10 Review

Garden of Life Raw CoQ10Raw CoQ10 is designed to aid and boost health and strength of heart and improve cardiovascular functions. It aids in the growth of new cells, improves physical performance and stimulates the production of energy by the process of ATP production.

It is designed and manufactured by “Garden of life” who claims that their product is not only dairy and gluten free but have no fillers or binders added. They further argue that inclusion of chia seeds in this formula helps increase its absorbance by eight fold. This product is suitable for vegetarians as well and consists of live probiotics, which promotes healthy excretion.

Garden of Life Raw CoQ10 Ingredients

Garden of Life Raw CoQ10 contains the following active ingredients: RAW Cold-Pressed Chia Seed Oil (Omega-3s 250 mg, Omega-6s 71 mg, and Omega-9s 25 mg) 444 mg, RAW CoQ10 200 mg, RAW Organic Fruit and Vegetable Blend (Organic Apple fruit, Organic Beet root, Organic Broccoli, Organic Carrot root, Organic Spinach leaf, Organic Tomato fruit, Organic Strawberry fruit, Organic Tart Cherry fruit, Organic Green Bell Pepper fruit, Organic Blackberry fruit, Organic Brussels Sprout leaf, Organic Ginger root, Organic Garlic bulb, Organic Green Onion bulb, Organic Blueberry fruit, Organic Parsley leaf, Organic Cauliflower, Organic Raspberry fruit, Organic Red Cabbage leaf, Organic Kale leaf, Organic Cucumber gourd, Organic Celery stalk, and Organic Asparagus) 30 mg, and Raw Probiotic Blend 7 mg.

Other ingredients include: Vegetable cellulose and chlorophyll capsule, candelilla wax, astaxanthin, and non-GMO soy tocopherols.

Benefits of Garden of Life Raw CoQ10

CoQ10 is an antioxidant, soluble fat and a coenzyme that transports electrons, which plays a major role in producing ATP, respiratory chain and effectively scavenging radicals that damage the heart cells.

Although CoQ10 is present abundantly in every cell of the body, natural aging, smoking, physical stress and certain other environmental factors are responsible for a decline in its levels.

One scientific study proposed that by the age 45, most men have already lost 40% of coenzyme Q10. It is therefore highly suggestive that one should use a supplemental form of CoQ10 (just like Raw CoQ10) to restore its optimal levels and enjoy the potential health benefits it provides.

Raw CoQ10 formula serves pure CoQ10 in each serving and also provides lipids (omega 3, 6 and 9) from chia seeds oil that increases its absorbance. Such powerful combination in this formula aids in the health of cardiac muscle, protects from free radical damage and boosts cellular production of energy. Furthermore, it can also help with post workout fatigue and increase the muscle strength and endurance. The lipids are present in 444 mg per servings, while Raw CoQ10 is 200mg per serving. It also features a Raw blend of probiotics in 7mg of quantity which promotes healthy digestive system.

This product contains soy and brewer’s yeast, those with a yeast infection or allergies from soy should not consume this product. The recommended dose of this product is one capsule per day. It is designed and manufactured in the USA, is non-GMO verified and safer to use in comparison to products with cholesterol.

How Much Does Garden of Life Raw CoQ10 Cost?

Garden of Life Raw CoQ10 is an averaged priced supplement. The product is available in bottles of 60 capsules ($34.94) and 120 capsules ($86.90). The recommended dose is one capsule per day.

Potential Garden of Life Raw CoQ10 Side Effects

CoQ10 is known for being safe to take within the recommended dose. However, Garden of Life Raw CoQ10 contains a lot more than just CoQ10. Because there are so many ingredients stuffed into one single capsule, we recommend our readers to consult with their medical doctor before taking Garden of Life Raw CoQ10.


Combat free radicals and prevent cardiac cells from oxidative stress
Being a potent antioxidant formula, it stimulates autoimmune system
Not only strengthens heart but also aids in energy production and maintains healthy digestive system


Individuals who cannot digest chia seeds can experience bloating.
It contains soy and yeast, therefore not suitable to use by those individuals suffering from yeast infection.

Final Verdict

Raw CoQ10 is naturally made with organic and natural ingredients (pure CoQ10 + chia seeds). It is not only a beneficial way of keeping heart healthy and strong but also boosts energy, reduce fatigue and increase the production of ATP.

The users have appreciated this product for keeping their formula natural and reducing symptoms of various illnesses, such as depression and anxiety. This product has a lot of positive feedback on its official website as well as on online retailers like Amazon. The company has delivered to customers what they have promised.

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