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D-Mannose is a powerful antibacterial formula that quickly and naturally reduces UTI’s, prevents future urinary infections & provides long-term urinary system & bladder wellness. It is formulated by “ForestLeaf,” a reputable company that manufactures several other nutritional supplements for various health issues. The company claims that D-Mannose formula contains all-natural and pure ingredients that are free from unhealthy chemicals and additives. It is made in an FDA approved & NSF certified facility and is free of dairy, egg, gluten, and nuts.

D-Mannose Ingredients

D-Mannose produced by ForestLeaf contains the following active ingredients: D-Mannose, Cranberry Extract, Hibiscus Extract, and Vitamin C.

Benefits of D-Mannose

D-mannose is a kind of non-essential sugar that is related to glucose. It is used for preventing urinary tract infections and treating carbohydrate-deficient glycoprotein syndrome (CDGS), an inherited metabolic disorder. D-mannose might address the deficiency caused by a genetic defect in the body that causes the production of mannose and abnormal breakdown. It might also prevent certain kinds of microbes from adhering to the walls of the urinary tract and causing severe infection.

D-Mannose by ForestLeaf is a dietary supplement, which helps to prevent you from getting urinary tract infections and improve urinary tract health. This product is very useful in fighting urinary tract infections and preventing their future occurrence. It is made using natural and pure ingredients, which are safe for use without causing severe reactions. This formula is unique, as it differentiates between good and bad bacteria in your body system. It only kills the harmful bacteria, leaving the good one to play their optimal role in improving the digestive system. Using this product will also reduce the vain associated with UTIs, and make you feel comfortable.

The company claims that this supplement is formulated with potent ingredients that help cleanse the urinary system of unwanted bacteria & infections so that the consumer can feel & perform at his best every day. It features following active ingredients:

Cranberry Extract – The active phytonutrients in cranberries prevent pathogens from adhering to the bladder wall.

D-Mannose – a potent antibacterial agent that reduces UTI’s, prevents future bacterial infections & provides long-term urinary tract & bladder wellness.

Hibiscus Extract – Like cranberry, extract of Hibiscus also prevents bacteria that cause UTIs from sticking to the linings of the bladder wall and urinary tract and may even possess bactericidal effects.

Vitamin C – It contains a good dose of vitamin C that improves immune function, healthy liver function and promotes good gut flora. Large amounts of vitamin C also limit the growth of some bacteria by acidifying the urine.

Folks at Forest leaf are committed to producing high-quality products that help you to live your healthiest life. The claims that they know you will love their supplement regarding quality, safety, and effectiveness.

How Much Does D-Mannose Cost?

D-Mannose is available in bottles of 120 vegetable capsules each (30 servings) at the price of $19.95 per bottle. The product is widely available online and it can be purchased from various online stores such as Amazon.com.

Some retailers may offer significant discounts on purchase. For instance, Amazon.com offers a VIP autoship at 15% discount + free shipping for orders placed from within the United States.

Potential D-Mannose Side Effects

D-Mannose is advertised as a 100% natural supplement with no potentially dangerous side effects. However, the formula contains D-Mannose, an ingredient that, in rare cases, may cause bloating and loose stools.


Maintains a healthy balance gut flora
Promotes urinary tract health
Supports optimal digestive health
Supports healthy liver function
Develops a robust immune system


D-mannose appears to be very safe for most adults; however, it can cause bloating and loose stools.
In high doses, it might also harm the kidneys.

Final Verdict

D-Mannose is a potent antibacterial supplement that not only prevents bacteria but also other pathogens from adhering to the urinary tract wall. It naturally reduces UTI’s, prevents future bacterial infections & provides long-term immunity against UTI causing pathogens. Further, it is conveniently made without eggs, dairy, gluten or nuts so the consumer can use it safely without worry, especially if one is prone to being allergic to those components.

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