CoQ10 Ubiquinone Review

CoQ10 Ubiquinone 1CoQ10 Ubiquinone is a marketed as an enhanced dietary supplement that claims to replenish, protect, boost, and energize your body; it is manufactured and marketed by BRI Nutrition, a natural dietary supplements company with headquarters in California, USA. Information gathered from the company’s website and Facebook page states that they are on a mission to deliver nutritional products with uncompromised quality and service.

The company promises extensive quality control procedures and stringent processes guarantee that all BRI Nutrition’s health products are safe, 100% pure, and meets product label claims.

Some of their other products include Acetyl L-Carnitine, for weight loss as L-Carnitine aids in fat breakdown; Alpha Lipoic Acid, known as the “universal antioxidant” and “Resveratrol Extra Strength” for healthy blood sugars. All products have been extensively researched and tested by a team of experts as well.

CoQ10 Ubiquinone Ingredients

CoQ10 Ubiquinone produced by BRI Nutrition contains the following ingredients: Vitamin E 100 IU, Vitamin A 2,334 IU, and Coenzyme Q10 100 mg.

Other ingredients include: Gelatin, magnesium stearate, and calcium carbonate.

Benefits of CoQ10 Ubiquinone

The supplement comes in soft gels capsules, 60 per container and the recommended dose is 1 capsule daily unless otherwise stated by a physician.

One of the active ingredients Vitamin A is a generic term used to refers to fat-soluble compounds found as preformed vitamin A (retinol) in animal products or as provitamin A carotenoids in fruit and vegetables.

They are involved in regulating the growth of virtually all cells in the human body. Vitamin A has important roles in bone and teeth development, organ formation, normal immune functions, and eye development and vision.

Major benefits of BRI Nutrition CoQ-10 100 mg include: supports heart health, improves cognitive health, enhanced energy and healthy aging, and it’s highly absorbable coq10 with antioxidant support.

How Much Does CoQ10 Ubiquinone Cost?

As stated above, CoQ10 Ubiquinone is available in bottles of 60 or 120 capsules each. The 60 capsules bottle is more popular and it costs $21.88. The 120 capsules bottle will be enough for up to four months of use and it costs $85.99. Additional discounts may be available. For instance, at the time of this review, was offering a 65% discount and free shipping for any bottle of CoQ10 Ubiquinone you purchase.

Potential CoQ10 Ubiquinone Side Effects

CoQ10 Ubiquinone is advertised as perfectly safe to take with no reported side effects. However, as with all dietary supplements, do not take CoQ10 Ubiquinone if you have a known medical condition. Pregnant or nursing mothers shouldn’t use the product.


BRI Nutrition’s CoQ-10 100 mg has a 2.6x higher total CoQ10 absorption than other CoQ10 supplements.
Contains Vitamins B and A, a great combination for general growth, immune functions and iron absorption.
Product has passed through years of research and clinical testing.
Cost effective with great discount pricing. Shipping is free from Amazon, and a 5% discount is offered to subscribers
So far no side effects have been reported
Product has not been around for long time


Manufacturer does not give any trial offers for the product
The formula is not unique, there are many other similar supplements out there.

Final Verdict

CoQSOL-10 manufactured and sold by BRI Nutrition has been clinically tested and patented. The company reports that its enhanced CoQSOL-10 Extra Strength has shown potency in treating high-blood pressure, hypertension and promotion of brain health.

The numerous reviews by users are evidence that consumers will and have benefited from this vitamin packed supplement. However, as with any other dietary supplement, a health care professional should be consulted.

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