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Constant FocusWhat is Constant Focus

Constant Focus has been on the market for a while now, and many consumers see it as one of the best brain supplements out there. Claimed to be the “#1 product for brain support,” Constant Focus formula includes an interesting mixture of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and herbal extracts. The formula is supposed to work by providing the brain with proper nutrients and by restoring the balance of essential chemicals.

Constant Focus, LLC is the company that sells this brain supplement. They have an official Constant Focus website, but the website says nothing regarding the manufacturer. While there is plenty of information regarding the product (how Constant Focus works, all active ingredients, potential side effects, where to buy Constant Focus, etc.acetate), we were unable to find any information regarding this company’s background.

Constant Focus Ingredients

Active Constant Focus ingredients: Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), dl-alpha TocoAcetate (Vitamin E), Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacinamide, Vitamin B6, Folate, Vitamin B12, Zinc, Manganese, Gotu Kola, Grape seed extract, Ginkgo Biloba extract, L-Glutamine, Bacopa monnieri, Phosphatidylserine, Choline Bitartrate, DMAE, Siberian ginseng extract, N-acetyl-L-carnitine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Turmeric root extract, Vinpocetine, Bioperine, and Huperzine A.

Inactive Constant Focus ingredients: Undisclosed

Benefits of Constant Focus

Constant Focus is advertised as the “#1 product for brain support,” that was specially designed to improve attention span, aid in absorbing new information, boost the efficiency of your work, and “help you realize your full mental potential.” On top of that, the company also advertises “guaranteed results” for those taking Constant Focus.

The formula is claimed to work by providing the brain with proper nutrients and by restoring the balance of essential chemicals, which results in optimal brain functioning. Constant Focus also claims to increase blood flow to the brain, which allows for more oxygen-rich blood to reach the brain and the nervous system, enhancing overall cognitive functions. Its antioxidant properties prevent premature aging of brain cells and support healthy functioning.

Constant Focus is one of those formulations containing almost every popular ingredient with claims to support proper brain function. The mixture of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts is interesting, as each of these ingredients may offer some benefits to those seeking to improve their mental health.

Constant Focus

One of the active substances in Constant Focus is Ginkgo Biloba. The subject of recent research with impressive results, this popular herb used in traditional medicine for centuries was included with the purpose of increasing blood flow to the brain and throughout the body. The potential benefits of this herb are multiple, but in our case, Ginkgo Biloba is used treat circulatory problems (increase blood flow to the extremities, including the brain) and to help improve medium and long term memory.

The plant owes its beneficial properties to a group of chemicals called “ginkgo flavone glycosides,” which also act as powerful antioxidants. They have been clinically shown to prevent the adverse effects of free radicals on a general level and to protect the body against negative environmental factors (pollutants, stress, and toxins) known to cause premature aging.

The cognitive benefits of Ginkgo Biloba include improvement in neural communication – better memory and the ability to absorb information faster. Although this natural remedy is currently used as an experimental treatment for conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, studies seem to indicate that taking Ginkgo Biloba improves memory in healthy individuals only, and it is not very effective in relieving symptoms of Alzheimer’s or other severe debilitating nervous system conditions.

Another ingredient used in Constant Focus’ formula – and which is very popular in the brain supplements market – is Huperzine A, a laboratory resulted in substance from Huperzia serrata (Club moss) extract.

Just like with Ginkgo Biloba, Huperzia serrata has a long history of use. The plant has been used for centuries in China as a remedy for fever and swelling. Although its original properties have never been related or connected to cognitive function, recent clinical research involving Huperzia serrata seems to reveal some potential benefits in treating related memory conditions, bone and muscle disorders, and immune system problems. This is, probably, one of the reasons Huperzine A has become such a popular ingredient in many brain supplementation formulas.

The 3rd herbal ingredient that drew our attention was the Rosemary leaf extract (also known as Carnosic Acid). While less popular than Ginkgo Biloba or Huperzine A, this folk antioxidant is prized for its ability to prevent oxidative damage to cells from damaged molecules commonly known as free radicals.

Anti-oxidant protection is critical, especially in the brain where it can stave off the degenerative diseases connected to aging. However, Rosemary Leaf is a gentle antioxidant that doesn’t provide much benefit in small doses. To function properly and provide the brain with the protection it needs, this herbal extract usually require significant doses

Finally, we must not forget the numerous vitamins added to the formula, including the B complex of vitamins. The B vitamins are known for their influence in the proper growth, development, and well-functioning of the brain and nervous system. Clinical evidence supports these claims and there are many physicians who often recommend the B vitamin complex as part of a more complex plan that targets brain health.

How Much Does Constant Focus Cost?

There are several ordering options for those interested in purchasing Constant Focus. Strangely enough, buyers can find better deals on 3rd party retailers such as Amazon where the price is up to 20% lower than the price listed on the official Constant Focus website.

The listed price for 1-month supply is $49.95, but there are some other purchasing options as well: 3-month supply for $124.95 (15% discount) and 6-month supply for $199.95 (you pay for four bottles, and you receive two bottles for free).

If you order from within the United States, a standard $7.95 shipping cost will apply to your order (please note that other retailers may offer free shipping). The shipping for international orders is more expensive and it can go up to $19.95.

Potential Constant Focus Side Effects

Constant Focus, LLC does not list any potential side effects associated with the use of this brain supplement. We also know that Constant Focus is not FDA approved, but sadly this is the case with most dietary supplements. Companies that are producing and selling dietary supplements in the United States are not forced to obtain FDA approval for their products.

Beyond that, there are a few known side effects for Constant Focus’ ingredients that are not listed by the manufacturer. Because we could not find any relevant studies on the formula that can prove with 100% accuracy that these side effects cannot occur, we feel bound to warn our readers about them. For instance, patients with an existing blood pressure disorder, or patients who are taking blood pressure medication, should avoid taking Vinpocetine or Ginkgo Biloba.


  • Formulation built around proven and powerful ingredients for brain support;
  • Widely available online. Some retailers will offer significant discounts on purchase ( for instance)
  • Constant Focus contains some potent amino acids, which is extremely important for brain supplementation.


  • The formula contains DMAE, an ingredient we do not agree with
  • Not that many reviews and testimonials online
  • More expensive than other similar brain supplements
  • Almost no information regarding the exact amounts of each included ingredient

Final Verdict

Constant Focus is marketed as the “top brain supplement available on the nutritional supplement market.” The manufacturer claims that their product will improve brain circulation and support production of neurotransmitters, which can lead to improved mental focus, increased attention span, better memory, and increased overall work efficiency.

Considering all these bold claims and the lack of relevant clinical studies to support them, is Constant Focus a scam? The consumer’s testimonials we were able to find are divided. Some people claim the product works; others say it was completely inefficient.

The formula claims to lower the anxiety levels, which can indeed promote sharper thoughts and better work productivity. We found numerous reviews and testimonials claiming the same thing.

The bottom line: Constant Focus may offer some of the benefits of the promises, but the only way to know is by testing the product. Also, please keep in mind that each is different and Constant Focus may work for some but be completely ineffective in others.

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