Colon Detox Cleanse Review

Colon Detox Cleanse

Suffering from constipation, bloating, gas, sluggish digestion, low energy or unexplained weight gain? Your colon may be to blame. It’s time to try BioGanix Colon Detox Cleanse – The absolute best colon detox cleanse formula on the market! Based on clinical research of digestive health, it’s manufactured with 11 of the highest quality natural fibers, trusted nutrients and herbs that are proven to cleanse your body without harsh side effects. It has been designed to support the process of eliminating waste and toxins that build up in your colon over time.

Colon Detox Cleanse Ingredients

Colon Detox Cleanse produced by BioGanix contains the following active ingredients: Calcium, Oat (seed), Alfalfa (leaf), Psyllium (husk), Lactobacillus acidophilus, Rhubarb (root), Gentian (root), Aloe Vera (leaf), Cascara Sagrada (bark), Goldenseal (root), Buckthorn (bark), Bentonite.

Benefits of Colon Detox Cleanse

The digestive system plays an essential role in overall health since it provides the body with the much-needed nutrients that are required to sustain vital body processes. However, most individuals do not adhere to a nutritious and balanced diet which leads to constipation, bloating and toxin build-up. These can have adverse effects on the body thus proper detoxification is needed to reset the body’s digestive process.

BioGanix Colon Detox Cleanse is an all-natural supplement that aims to accelerate weight loss process, aid in removal of toxins from the body and improves digestion. It contains several herbal extracts and plant ingredients which have potent anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and weight loss properties. It provides the user’s body with a rejuvenating detox which helps eliminate waste and toxic build-up in the colon.

The ingredients in this formula help in the weight loss process and detoxification through the following mechanisms:

Calcium (as calcium carbonate) – Stimulates production of saliva, bile, gastric acid to further aid in digestion. It also reduces tissue inflammation in the colon which is often a result of toxin build-up.

Oat seed – It is used to address various digestive ailments because of its carminative effect on the colon. It basically prevents the formation of gas in the intestines to prevent bloating. It also helps in detoxification of toxins in the colon.

Rhubarb – It is rich in minerals and vitamins that are vital to many body functions mainly in the digestive mechanism. It has potent antioxidant properties which help prevent oxidation of oxygen species and free radicals in the body. It is also known to has a dominant laxative effect which can help relieve constipation. It also has antiviral and antibacterial properties which play a crucial role in the detoxification process.

Aloe Vera – It contains various enzymes that aid in the healing mechanism of inflamed and damaged gastrointestinal lining. It also aids in digestion and helps prevent constipation.

How Much Does Colon Detox Cleanse Cost?

Colon Detox Cleanse is priced at $17.97 for a 120 capsules bottle, which is enough for up to 15 days of treatment. That means the average user will need at least two bottles of product for a full month of treatment.

Potential Colon Detox Cleanse Side Effects

As with all colon cleanse programs, Colon Detox Cleanse is not recommended to people who take prescription medication. The product may also cause allergic reactions in some people.


Provide digestion support for effective nutrient absorption.
Maintains gut regularity and prevents constipation & bloating.
Better blood circulation towards GIT, i.e., more restful sleep and boost in energy
Aids in the proper detoxification of colon


May cause allergy to some people
It contains herbal ingredients that might slow blood clotting.

Final Verdict

BioGanix Colon Detox Cleanse offers the consumers an excellent way of eliminating toxins from the body. It is practically suitable for individuals who want to detoxify their body but cannot tolerate consuming vegetable blends and raw fruit (which are usually the recommended recipe for detoxification). This formula also contains natural ingredients that help in detoxification and digestion. Plus point is that it is cheap, effective and from a well-known nutritional supplement company.

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