Brain Life Review 2019 – Benefits & Side Effects

Brain LifeWhat is Brain Life

Brain Life is a dietary supplement designed to combat everyday work out stress and enhance your cognitive function. The company behind this formula is “Super World Vitamins” who claims that their product uses a natural source of herbs and amino acids to help enhance cognitive and memory function, promotes relaxation, as well as protects you mentally against chemical, environmental, physical stresses.

It also helps slow cognitive decline, sharpens your focus and contributes to support peripheral circulation. To help support enhanced brain performance, its recommended dose is 1 ml, or eight (8) sprays twice in a month, two times per day (one in the morning and one in the afternoon).

Brain Life Ingredients

Brain Life includes the following ingredients: Gingko Biloba, L-Tyrosine, Rhodiola Extract, and L-Theanine.

Benefits of Brain Life

This product contains ingredients that work to enhance stamina, reduce depression, fight the effects of stress and promote healthy cognitive function because of ingredients like Gingko Biloba, L-Tyrosine, Rhodiola Extract, and L-Theanine.

These are the key ingredients found in most effective brain enhancement products.
Gingko Biloba – This herbal extract has been used for centuries in the traditional Ayurvedic medical system to improve cognition and longevity, possessing both antioxidant and adaptogenic properties. Ginkgo biloba extract contains two constituents (terpenoids and flavonoids) that have high antioxidant properties. These substances may help slow down the progression of age-related diseases by combating oxidative stress.

Brain Life

L-Tyrosine – is another active ingredient in this formula, an amino acid that, when supplemented, may enhance cognitive abilities, improve mood and memory, increase focus and reduce the adverse effects of stress. It supports peak mental performance and healthy brain chemistry under adverse conditions.

Rhodiola Extract – Mental fatigue makes it difficult to concentrate, causing success and personal achievements to dwindle. Scientific studies show that Rhodiola extract stimulates the nervous system to fight the stress that so often stifles mental clarity. Whether you are suffering from stress, experiencing brain fog, or just wish to sharpen your focus, Rhodiola extract is an effective herbal remedy you may want to consider.

Additionally, its supplementation supports the brain by simultaneously saving injured brain cells, thus encouraging the growth and development of neurons.

L-theanine – It is an amino acid found in green tea. It relieves anxiety to a great part because it bears a close resemblance to the brain stimulating chemical, glutamate. Theanine, together with caffeine (also a component of green tea), produce a distinct brain enhancement profile without significant side effects.

How Much Does Brain Life Cost?

Brain Life is a liquid brain supplement that is available for purchase in bottles of 3.38 ounces each. The recommended dose is one (1) ml or eight (8) sprays twice in mouth, two times per day. One bottle of Brain Life costs just under $27.

Potential Brain Life Side Effects

According to the producing company, Brain Life is perfectly safe to use with no reported side effects. The formula is all-natural and it contains high-quality ingredients that have been proven to be safe to take with no known severe adverse effects.


  • Contains natural herbal extracts that may help reduce stress and promote cognitive functions
  • It helps slow cognitive decline and sharpens your focus and helps to support peripheral circulation
  • This product is moderately priced ($26.86 ) compared to most other products with similar ingredients


  • There is no money back guarantee provided
  • The manufacturer does not specify drug interactions, side effects, or specific safety concerns

Final Verdict

We have observed that this supplement contains herbal ingredients that potentially make supplement safe and effective. It’s potent herbal ingredients work together to improve cognitive functions like memory retention and concentration and also helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

There is no information regarding drug interactions and specific side effects; therefore we advise you to look for further details about this product before making a purchase.

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