Brain Armor Review 2019: Benefits & Side Effects

Brain ArmorA short intro to Brain Armor

Brain Armor is advertised as a potent DHA-based brain supplement specially designed to help athletes improve cognitive functions, visual functions, and cardio. The Dutch company behind this brain supplement, DSM, claims their formula can “build stronger brains.” Regarding this manufacturer, DSM Nutritional Products is a sub-business of DSM, a company that makes everything from medical devices to various supplements, electronics, and even paints.

This supplement is not that unique. In fact, there are many other DHA-based supplements out threre. So why would Brain Armor be a better choice? Read our in-depth review below for more information regarding the core ingredients, benefits, pro’s and con’s, price, and potential side effects.

Brain Armor Ingredients

Brain Armor contains the following active ingredients: DHA 1050 mg, Calories from Fat 25, Sodium 10 mg, Cholesterol 5 mg, Saturated Fat 1 mg, and Carbohydrate 1g.

Other inactive ingredients: high oleic sunflower oil, carrageenan, beta-carotene, modified corn starch, glycerin, water, caramel, sorbitol, tocopherols, sunflower lecithin, rosemary extract, and ascorbyl palmitate.

Benefits of Brain Armor

Brain Armor is a brain supplement built around some extremely bold claims. Are these claims exaggerated? Probably yes. A more realistic promise the manufacturer could have made is that the formula can support proper cognitive health if taken on daily basis.

Brain Armor contains DHA, which has been proven to work, and 1050 mg of DHA is unlikely to cause any adverse effects. This Omega-3 fatty acid can be found in cold-water fish (like tuna, salmon, cod liver, and mackerel) and it’s a crucial nutrient, especially for infants and young people.

Multiple clinical studies have demonstrated the many benefits of DHA such as support for proper mental development and improved vision in infants and children. While there are no definitive shreds of the evidence whether or not DHA can actually help the cognitive functions, what clinical studies seem to indicate is that this Omega-3 fatty acid is a potent neuroprotectant (it prevents memory loss and reduces brain cell deterioration).

It is also worth mentioning that Brain Armor is a very simple brain supplement and only contains DHA as the main ingredient. While there are benefits to this approach, many potential buyers might be more interested in complex formulations that combine DHA with other powerful ingredients such as Huperzine-A, Vinpocetine, or proven amino-acids.

How Much Does Brain Armor Cost?

Each bottle of Brain Armor costs $59.99 and it contains 180 softgels, which should be enough for up to two months of treatment at the recommended dose of three softgels per day.

While this might look like a great deal, please keep in mind that Brain Armor’s formula only contains DHA, and nothing else.

Potential Brain Armor Side Effects

DHA is likely safe for most people when taken as recommended. DHA-based supplements (such as Brain Armor) might cause intestinal gas, nausea, bruising, fishy taste, or prolonged bleeding.


  • Powerful neuroprotectant
  • Supports proper memory in people aged 50 and above
  • Supports eye and heart health
  • Affordable price


  • Simple formulation with only one active ingredient
  • Limited and contradictory research on DHA
  • Not very many reviews or testimonials online

Final Verdict

Brain Armor’s formula is quite simple and only contains one active ingredient in the form of DHA (1050 mg). While Brain Armor is affordable (about $30/month of treatment), please keep in mind that DHA can easily be obtained from a proper diet that includes cold-water fish (such as tuna, salmon, cod liver, and mackerel).

The formula is not original, it’s not unique, and the lack of reviews and testimonials online is a bit concerning. The market for DHA-based supplements is huge and finding a DHA-based product that will work for you shouldn’t be that hard. Can Brain Armor be that supplement? Of course, it can. It has potential, it’s cheap enough to try, and it’s produced by a company with a good track record.

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