Brain and Memory Booster Review 2019

Brain and Memory BoosterWhat is Brain and Memory Booster

Brain and Memory Booster is a cognitive enhancement supplement that the manufacturer claims to improve memory retention, brain function and concentration for students, workers, athletes or professionals. It is manufactured by “VIP Vitamins” who claim that they are an important international supplier for multi-level-marketing companies, pharmacies, online trading businesses, practitioners, health food stores and direct selling organizations. It is an averagely priced supplement that comes in a bottle of 60 capsules (enough for one month supply).

Brain and Memory Booster Ingredients

Brain and Memory Booster produced by VIP Vitamins contains the following active ingredients: Ginkgo Biloba 50 mg, Phosphatidylserine Complex 125 mg, Acetyl-L Carnitine 50 mg, St. John’s Wort 250 mg, Glutamine 150 mg, DMAE Bitartrate 50 mg, Bacopin 100 mg, Vinpocetine 2 mg.

Other ingredients include Silica, magnesium stearate, and gelatin.

Benefits of Brain and Memory Booster

Brain and Memory Booster is the premium, uniquely designed cognition booster product formulated by nutritional professionals to help improve memory and clarity and elevate your mind. With a specially tested blend of memory enhancing ingredients, the company has created a high-quality brain nootropic to help supercharge mental alertness, concentration & mind power. It is exclusively designed to promote healthy brain metabolism and optimal functioning of 200 billion neuron cells.

Brain and Memory Booster has two essential ingredients – Ginkgo Biloba Extract and Vinpocetine – to support healthy blood flow. Other active ingredients help support the brain’s enzyme systems and the blood vessel walls, neurotransmitter systems, and overall connectivity. It also provides 100 mg of Phosphatidylserine (PS) – an essential nutrient that is a natural building block for cell membranes. Cell membranes transport nutrients into the neurons from the synapses that are the connectors between nerve cells and power the mitochondria that produce most of the cells’ energy. PS also supports healthy cognitive function in individuals over the age of 50.

This product works like cognitive restorative to enhance memory, improve concentration and learning by reducing anxiety, digestive problems, and heart failure. The herbal blend works as an adaptogen to improve stability for mental stress as well as physical. The manufacturer claims that choosing their memory formula means to choose the optimal product to enhance your brain abilities with potent ingredients as it may benefit memory improvement, support mental performance and reduce memory problems. It may also boost brain productivity, improve concentration level, and smooth your mood.

It may also show a positive effect on the brain cortex and many other brain parts that are responsible for concentration. By enhancing your concentration level, you are increasing brain activity and improving productivity.

How Much Does Brain and Memory Booster Cost?

Each bottle of Brain and Memory Booster contains 60 capsules (60 servings) and costs $13.95. Please note that the price may vary from one retailer to another. Some retailers may offer significant discounts, free product, and even free shipping for orders placed from within the United States.

Potential Brain and Memory Booster Side Effects

Brain and Memory Booster is advertised as safe to take with no reported side effects. However, as with all dietary supplements, we advise caution and we recommend our users to talk to their medical doctor before taking Brain and Memory Booster or any other dietary supplement.


  • Contains natural herbal ingredients which makes this supplement safe
  • Relatively low price compared to other similar supplements
  • Manufactured by an established company with an excellent reputation
  • The ingredients found in this supplement have the potential to improve cognitive functions


  • The manufacturer offers little information about this supplement’s effectiveness and how it achieves the results claimed
  • No clinical studies of the product
  • Few consumer reviews for the product
  • No free trials or money-back guarantee mentioned regarding this product.

Final Verdict

Brain and Memory Booster is a potent formula that aims to enhance brain function, concentration and memory retention for students, athletes, workers or professionals. The company offers little information about this product’s effectiveness and how it achieves the results claimed. This supplement contains natural herbal ingredients that potentially make this product generally safe and effective. It comes in bottles each containing 60 capsules. We advise readers to look for further information regarding this supplement before making any purchase.

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