Black Seed Supplement For High Blood Pressure: Uses, & Side Effects

Black Seed Supplement For High blood pressure

High Blood Pressure is a very common health issue. It has been affecting more than half the population every year.

High blood pressure is the cause of many heart diseases, including heart attack and stroke. It reduces the life and survival rates in humans.

Although various medicines temporarily control the blood pressure, they do not treat the problem from its roots.

You may have heard how there are some natural ingredients and their supplements that can naturally treat high blood pressure.

Let us confirm this for you: It is true! Black Seed Supplements are one of those natural ingredients’ supplements that can treat and cure high blood pressure naturally.

What is Black Seed?

Black seeds are also known as black cumin seeds. Nigella Sativa, the scientific name of this plant, has been used in traditional medicines for years now.

It is said to treat many inflammation-related diseases. It is helpful in treating headaches, headache, toothache, nasal congestion, and intestinal worms. It can treat gas, colic, diarrhoea, dysentery, constipation, and haemorrhoids.

It is also used for respiratory conditions including asthma, allergies, cough, bronchitis, emphysema, flu, swine flu, and congestion. Most importantly, Black Seed, its oil and supplements can be used to cure high blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

How can Black Seed Supplements treat High Blood Pressure?

Black Seed Supplements have antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce the spike in blood pressure.

Hypertension or High Blood Pressure can cause and be caused by inflammation. Hence, consuming black seed supplements for two-three months can be helpful in reducing blood pressure levels.

What form of Black Seed Supplements should be used?

Most people use Black Seed oil or capsules to treat high blood pressure, cholesterol, and sugar levels. It is important to know what suits best for your skin, body and organs.

If you’re relaxed by the oil and your blood pressure is temporarily relieved, you may use the oil. You may also use the ingredient or its oil in cooking.

However, experts suggest using capsules often. These capsules may be formulated using Black Seed and several vitamins and minerals to increase the effectiveness of the supplements.

What makes Black Seed so special?

Black seeds are naturally medicinal as they are rich antioxidants. The antioxidants in black seed supplements can help keep your heart, veins, arteries and other organs remain young.

They have anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the inflammation of blood cells and reduce tension in your body. In a recent study conducted by the NCBI, they found… “Results showed that in N. sativa oil treated group the systolic and diastolic BPs decreased significantly compared with baseline and placebo group at the endpoint.”

What are the benefits of Black Seed Supplements for the Treatment of High Blood Pressure?

Black Seed Supplements can do the following to treat your high blood pressure levels:

The antioxidants in the black seeds can improve the blood circulation in various parts of the body by removing the plaque build-up.

  • Reduces Cholesterol Levels:

Black Seed Supplements may help reduce blood cholesterol levels by removing toxins from arteries and veins. This helps the blood flow freely too.

  • Fights Oxidative Stress:

Studies explain how oxidative stress can be a big reason for high blood pressure or hypertensive activities. Black seed supplements can reduce oxidative stress by providing more antioxidants and vitamins.

  • Diuretic:

It promotes the urination which helps flush out excess toxins from your body. This is very important as toxins may result in plaque build-up and cause problems such as cholesterol and hypertension.

Black seed supplement helps you flush out toxins and detoxifies your body.

Thymol, a compound in black seeds, is said to reduce high blood pressure by reducing calcium channels.

Hence, Black Seed Supplements can treat high blood pressure effectively and prevent heart health and condition too.

What are the best Black Seed Supplements for the Treatment of High Blood Pressure?

Here’s a list of some amazing Black Seed Supplements that are effective in the treatment of High Blood Pressure:

This oil is to be taken (one to two teaspoon) once a day and it treats all the inflammatory diseases. It also protects and increases your immunity so you can fight several diseases and flush out toxins.

This is an amazing remedy to combat age-related disorders such as blood pressure, blood cholesterol and blood sugar. It helps your body fight toxins and detoxifies the liver, heart and other digestive organs successfully.

The thymol in these black seeds help reduce inflammation of the arteries, veins and nerves so your blood and energy can flow without any interruptions.

These contain essential fatty acids, antioxidants and immune-fighting compounds that help you battle ageing and hypertension effectively.

These original capsules are extremely beneficial for fighting digestive and respiratory tract disorders. It improves the immune system simultaneously.

How much of Black Seed Supplements should be taken?

Most Black Seed Supplements are available in the form of oils or capsules made using gelatin. In case you have an oil or syrup-based black seed supplement, you should not take more than two teaspoons of it every day unless your doctor advises you to do so.

If you have the capsule-based black seed supplement, you should take about 1-2 capsules every day.

Although black seed supplements are 100% safe, you should only buy the naturally formulated supplements. You can look for the manufacturing information on the label.

Who should not take Black Seed Supplements?

Pregnant women, children under the age of 18 and those with chronic diseases should avoid taking black seed supplements as there might be compounds that they’re allergic to.

You can always check with your doctor if the supplement is safe for you.

Is there evidence to back up Black Seed Supplements’ reliability for the treatment of High Blood Pressure?

Yes, NCBI stated: “Pharmaceutical preparations of N. sativa in powder and oil demonstrated a different lowering effect (in favour of the former) on both SBP and DBP.”

This clarified how Black Seed Supplements can be very effective. However, more studies are required to confirm that black seeds alone can treat high blood pressure. Hence, it is important to consult a doctor before its consumption.


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