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Benefits of Garlic Supplement to Improve Bone Health: Does it Work?

Benefits of Garlic Supplement to Improve Bone Health: Does it Work?

Bone loss is a common health issue. Although bones are extremely important, many of us overlook their damages.

Did you know that the ticking sound from our bones can actually indicate an underlying health condition? Well, a little noise is okay but not too much should be ignored!

Research tells us that 50% of people experience mild to moderate bone loss in the middle ages and the loss keeps increasing thereafter.

This can either be controlled by surgeries or taking medicines that are prescribed to strengthen the bones and minimize bone loss.

However, each of these methods has side-effects. Hence, we’re looking at a side-effects-free method to improve bone health naturally. We’re talking about GARLIC supplements.

What kind of Garlic supplements are used for bones?

Garlic is said to be a wonderful cure for many diseases including heart, respiratory, skin and bones. Garlic should be taken raw or in the form of supplements.

Most people do not like chewing raw garlic due to its flavour. Also, raw garlic may not be absorbed well for its properties. Hence, supplements are better.

Garlic oil extracted capsules or oil supplements are the best for the treatment of bone conditions or to generally improve bone health.

What is the dosage of Garlic supplements for improving bone health?

Most supplements come with an appropriate dosage for bone health improvement. Garlic supplements are usually given in a 200 to 2400 mg dosage to ensure complete absorption of allicin, garlic’s most important compound with anti-inflammatory properties.

These supplements require you to take at least one or two capsules every day with or without meals.

You can also pair garlic capsules with garlic oil for massaging your bones or joints. The garlic oil massage is indeed effective in many cases of arthritis.

How do Garlic Supplements work for improving bone health?

Garlic improves bone health in women as well as men of all age groups. In women, estrogen levels begin to drop when they enter their 40s.

Due to menopause, estrogen levels drop and your bones do not get enough nutrients. Garlic supplements promote the stimulation of estrogen and help other nutrients to reach your bones.

In men, estrogen may not be a problem, not even estradiol. Garlic supplements actually help men’s bones to remain stronger as they age by reducing inflammation and bone loss.

You may also provide raw garlic to kids but not for infants. This can strengthen their bones to prevent signs of weak or brittle bones.

Which properties of Garlic can help people improve their bone health?

Garlic can help people improve their bone health because of its numerous health benefiting properties. Here are some of Garlic’s properties that can benefit your bones.

  • Antibiotic:

Garlic works naturally to treat many bacterial and viral infections on its own. Without any side-effects, garlic discovers the bad bacteria and good bacteria. It promotes good ones and destroys the bad ones.

  • Antifungal:

Garlic helps kill fungal infections and wipes them out completely so that the fungi cannot reach your bones and bloodstream. If fungi reach your bones, it may accelerate bone loss.

  • Anti-diabetes:

Garlic can help bring a balance in blood sugar levels. It also improves the ability of the body to heal bone damage during diabetes.

  • Anti-inflammatory:

It reduces inflammation of bones and cells, including tissues surrounding bones. This helps ease joint pain in conditions such as osteoarthritis or arthritis.

  • Antioxidant:

Allicin, a compound in garlic has lots of antioxidants that can provide your body with the multivitamin-effect.

What are some of the best Garlic Supplements to improve bone health?

The best garlic supplements to improve bone health are taken from amazon. Check out the best five here:

The aged garlic extract is one of the oldest remedies for bone loss. Since Kyolic is the best garlic supplement brand in the industry, you can trust it for bone health improvement.

Take one capsule of Allicin garlic supplement every day and observe overall better health, including heart, bones and immunity.

Garlic oil supplements help your bones recover from the damage caused by inflammation and lack of antioxidants. These soft gels help your body supply enough nutrients to fight the oxidative stress.

With other natural ingredients’ extracts, garlic oil supplement by NOW is the most effective health enhancement supplement for your bones. It strengthens your bones.

With CoQ10, this supplement supports your bones health by reducing inflammation and pain in the joints and also promotes supplying enough nutrients to improve joint flexibility.

Although all of these are very organic and natural, you should always check the label to look for allergens for your body type. You can even consult a doctor before consuming any health supplement.

When are the benefits of taking Garlic Supplements for improving bone health?

If you take garlic supplements regularly (for three to six months, or as recommended by your doctor) you can experience the following health benefits:

  • Garlic can improve bone mass in most kids, women and men.
  • It can reduce inflammatory symptoms at the cellular level so your bones remain healthy.
  • It reduces joint pain in individuals with diabetes and cholesterol symptoms.
  • It reduces the risks of arthritis and joint inflammation.
  • It reduces the risk of loss of bone mass and degradation of bone health.
  • It improves strength and reduces weak and brittle bones.

Do Garlic Supplements have any side-effects in patients with weaker bones?

No, garlic doesn’t have any side-effects. However, some supplements may cause allergic reactions due to the presence of some fillers or additives.

Overconsumption of garlic may also be very harmful in some individuals, so stick to the recommended dosage always.

Are there any studies that suggest how Garlic Supplements can improve bone health?

In a recent study conducted by NCBI and PubMed, they proved that taking garlic supplementation can reduce bone loss and reverse the damages too.

PubMed: “Supplementation with oil extract of garlic could effectively reverse these changes. Also, low bone densities that developed in the ovariectomized group were significantly recovered in the garlic oil supplemented group.”

In conclusion, we can say that garlic supplementation is the safest way to improve bone health. You can buy the best-sellers from amazon or get these prescribed by your doctor.


Garlic Supplement for Improves Cholesterol Level: Will it Work?

Garlic Supplement for Improves Cholesterol Level

High cholesterol levels have become as common as cold and flu. Almost one out of three people can have cholesterol problems.

High levels of bad cholesterol can lower the good cholesterol levels that are actually needed by your body. This condition can worsen with age as you must rely on particular medicines to lower the bad cholesterol levels.

Reliability of chemically-induced medications has shown to have many side-effects in the long run. You may not be able to survive even a day without these medicines.

It becomes impossible for a person to live without their cholesterol medicines especially if they’re in the 50s or 60s. Hence, it is always advised to take the natural road to health enhancement. And today, we’re going to discover garlic supplements’ abilities to improve cholesterol levels.

Isn’t Garlic just a flavouring food?

No, if you think garlic is just a flavouring food, you have been using it wrong for your whole life. Garlic is used in many recipes in excess, which is actually harmful.

It is a warm food ingredient that produces good bacteria that can fight with bad plaque and bacteria. It is similar to onion and leek. It is hence known for its medicinal properties too.

How is garlic linked to treating cholesterol?

Garlic contains a compound called allicin, which is proven to kill bacteria and fungi to treat digestive disorders and clear up plaque or blocks in the arteries.

It reduces blood clotting and makes your blood thinner too. It has shown to improve the levels of good cholesterol and reduce bad cholesterol levels. Also, it can reduce the risks of many cardiovascular diseases.

How much Garlic is needed to treat cholesterol levels?

“Consumption has been shown to decrease total and LDL-C and triglyceride levels. An intake of the half to one clove of garlic per day lowers cholesterol levels approximately 10%.

Mechanisms that explain the observed effects of garlic include a decrease in cholesterol absorption, cholesterol, and fatty acid synthesis.”

This study explains that taking half or one full clove of garlic every day can reduce cholesterol levels up to 10%. However, that would require you to consume the garlic raw. It generally tastes very strong and bad. Hence, we have garlic supplements that include other cholesterol-lowering ingredients too.

Some ingredients can increase the absorption of Garlic in our bodies, which makes it easier to improve cholesterol conditions.

Which properties of Garlic supplements can help people suffering from High Cholesterol Levels?

Garlic is the direct cure for high cholesterol levels; however, its medicinal properties make it the best and easiest herbal remedy for cholesterol.

  • Anti-inflammatory:

Garlic contains anti-inflammatory properties. It can be used orally and topically to reduce inflammation. You can even consume garlic supplements to reduce inflammation of blood cells.

  • Antioxidant:

Allicin in garlic is said to have many antioxidants that can reduce and prevent the process of oxidation so you can live a healthy and cardiovascular diseases-free life.

  • Thinning of Blood:

Garlic is shown to reduce the thickening of the blood which prevents the blood flow and circulation. It makes it thinner so your blood reaches everywhere.

  • Reduces Blood Clotting:

It is proven many times that garlic can reduce the blood’s ability to clot.

  • Reduces Plaque Build-Up: It clears up arteries and veins to promote blood circulation by reducing the plaque and toxins buildup.

As cholesterol is made in the liver, garlic also cleanses the liver and treats inflammation or fatty liver.

What are some of the best Garlic Supplements to reduce High Cholesterol Levels?

Some of the best garlic supplements that you can consume to reduce high cholesterol levels are listed below:

Kyolic is very famous in manufacturing aged garlic extract capsules and formulas for cardiovascular health. This formula is specially made to treat high levels of bad cholesterol. You must check it out!

It is a ‘Healthy Cholesterol Formula’ that acts like an enemy of cholesterol so your body can fight the plaque and prevent your liver from absorbing or producing high bad cholesterol levels.

It is another herbal supplement to maintain good cholesterol levels in people of all age groups. It is one of the most popularly sold cholesterol supplements on amazon.

Each and every capsule of this supplement is equivalent to a whole clove of raw garlic. You can have one capsule of NOW and be relieved from high cholesterol levels every day.

The extremely formula BRI formula is made for overall health. It involves taking care of your heart, blood pressure and cholesterol levels as well. You should take one to two capsules daily.

You’re advised to check all the labels before buying an organic garlic supplement for the treatment of high cholesterol levels.

When are the benefits & side-effects of taking Garlic Supplements to reduce High Cholesterol Levels?

Following is a small list of health benefits and side-effects of taking garlic supplements daily.

  • Most garlic supplements are safe, however, you should stick to the recommended dosage.
  • Garlic supplements help you become very energetic.
  • It can reduce plaque and bad cholesterol levels.
  • It improves heart conditions and helps battle fatty liver disease.
  • It protects you from stroke or heart attack.

You may experience some discomfort if you take the supplements for too long. Most supplements have to be taken for three to six months only. Talk to your doctor if side-effects persist for a long time.

Are there any studies that suggest how Garlic Supplements can manage high cholesterol levels?

PubMed explains, “The findings suggest garlic to be effective in reducing total serum cholesterol by 17 ± 6 mg/dL and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol by 9 ± 6 mg/dL in individuals with elevated total cholesterol levels (>200 mg/dL), provided garlic is used for longer than 2 months.

An 8% reduction in total serum cholesterol is of clinical relevance and is associated with a 38% reduction in risk of coronary events at 50 years of age.”

We come to the conclusion that consuming Garlic Supplements regularly for two or more months can definitely reduce cholesterol levels and also improve various heart conditions.


Garlic Supplement to Reduce Blood Pressure: Will it Work? Check NOW

Garlic Supplement to Reduce Blood Pressure: Will it Work? Check NOW

Also known as Hypertension, high blood pressure affects half of the ageing population. Although hypertension has no symptoms at all, it increases your risks of heart attack, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases.

Many people have to rely on blood pressure-lowering drugs. These drugs are prescribed for an entire lifetime. You must keep taking the pill every single day.

Studies have explained how some of these drugs and pills can be very harmful to our lives. They come with several side-effects.

Hence, science also suggests trying some supplements or home remedies that can work and help our bodies become naturally immune to high blood pressure. One such ingredient is garlic. It has shown to reduce high blood pressure in many studies already.

What is Garlic used for?

Garlic is a vegetable as well as a herb that’s added to many recipes for unique flavouring and taste. It adds a strong aroma which many people like. However, some people do not like its strong taste and our bodies can’t always absorb allicin in garlic.

That’s why Garlic is often provided in the form of supplements now. These supplements are easy to consume and absorb. They work effectively in treating cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and clogged arteries.

Is consuming Garlic Supplement safe to reduce High Blood Pressure?

Yes, consuming garlic supplementation is considered to be extremely safe. In fact, some studies report it to be as effective as standard blood-pressure-lowering medications — with much fewer side effects. These side-effects only appear if you consume garlic supplements excessively.

Garlic is an eatable herb so you shouldn’t worry about its ill-effects. It can upset your stomach if you exceed the dosage. Most supplements have their dosage instructions listed on their labels.

How do Garlic Supplements work for High Blood Pressure?

Garlic Supplements for High Blood Pressure contain 200 to 2400 mg of Garlic in them. By supplementing this much garlic, most people notice great results as shown in this study:

“this meta-analysis revealed a significant lowering effect of garlic on both systolic BP (WMD: -6.71 mmHg; 95% CI: -12.44 to -0.99; P = 0.02) and diastolic BP (WMD: -4.79 mmHg; 95% CI: -6.60 to -2.99; P < 0.00001). No serious adverse events were reported in any of the trials.”

You may either choose to eat raw garlic or have supplements of garlic that are available in the form of soft gel capsules or normal capsules, powder or tonic.

Which properties of Garlic can help people suffering from High Blood Pressure?

Garlic’s compounds are responsible for its effectiveness. Most supplements contain a concentrated form the purest garlic compounds that include properties as follows:

  • Anti-inflammatory:

Garlic supplements have shown to reduce inflammation of the cells in patients with arthritis, heart diseases and high blood pressure.

  • Antioxidant:

Its compound allicin is said to have many antioxidants and ensures detoxification of your body. It helps reduce the oxidation of the plaque build-up in your arteries to reduce your blood pressure levels.

  • Boosts Nitric Oxide:

Garlic promotes the production of nitric oxide which promotes blood circulation and blood flow. This helps manage high levels of blood pressure.

  • Reduce Angiotensin II:

“Garlic components inhibit angiotensin II-induced cell-cycle progression and migration.”- PubMed. This helps reconstruct the arterial flow of blood and its pressure.

  • Multivitamin:

It has so many nutrients, minerals and vitamins that it can alone act as a multivitamin for your overall health.

  • Detoxification:

It helps fight various chemicals, toxins, addictive substances and alien compounds that can spike your blood pressure levels.

What are some of the best Garlic Supplements to reduce High Blood Pressure Levels?

Some of the best garlic supplements that you can consume to reduce high blood pressure levels are listed below:

It is an odourless garlic supplement by Kyolic, specially formulated to reduce high levels of blood sugar and protect your cardiovascular health.

It is a combination of garlic with other ingredients that help fight many blood circulation problems and cardiovascular diseases. It has many antioxidants that prevent oxidation as well.

It is an all-rounder that promotes good levels of cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure and blood circulation. It restores healthy heart health by providing your body with minerals and vitamins.

It is a gluten-free, high potency garlic supplement that helps control cholesterol and blood pressure levels very normally. It has been used by hundreds of customers already and none has reported any side-effects.

This supplement comes in the form of garlic capsules that can help reduce blood pressure levels by reducing arterial plaque naturally.

Although all the supplements are natural and organic, you should read the label before purchasing to check if you are allergic to any ingredient.

When are the benefits of taking Garlic Supplements to reduce High Blood Pressure Levels?

Following is a small list of health benefits of taking garlic supplements daily.

  • Garlic can help relax the blood vessels and arteries so the blood can flow freely.
  • It can reduce the symptoms of hypertension by keeping the body temperature normal.
  • It increases the production of nitric oxide that can prevent blockage and stroke.
  • It even acts as a vasodilator.
  • It reduces the risk of high cholesterol levels and other cardiovascular diseases.
  • It reduces the toxins and plaque build-up too.

Do Garlic Supplements have any side-effects in patients with High Blood Pressure Levels?

Patients with high blood pressure levels have sensitive bodies. They are even at the risk of many cardiovascular diseases.

Hence, they should only consume a limited amount of garlic supplements as it may cause heartburn, nausea, headache, vomiting, dizziness and other mild side-effects in some cases. (very-well-health)

Are there any studies that suggest how Garlic Supplements can manage high blood pressure levels?

PubMed suggests: “Our review suggests that garlic supplements have the potential to lower blood pressure in hypertensive individuals, to regulate slightly elevated cholesterol concentrations, and to stimulate the immune system.

Garlic supplements are highly tolerated and may be considered as a complementary treatment option for hypertension, slightly elevated cholesterol, and stimulation of immunity.”

This concludes how garlic can be used as a long-term treatment to reduce blood pressure levels. However, the dosage, supplement company and other sensitive details must be discussed with your doctor.


Garlic Supplement for Preventing the Common Cold: Will it Work?

Garlic Supplement for Preventing the Common Cold

Common cold and cough have become extremely common these days. Who hasn’t had a cold and cough this winter? There’s hardly any person, right?

The common cold is equally common as the word ‘common’. Although it has been an extremely common illness, there aren’t any medical ways to prevent it.

Research explains how taking natural supplements or consuming healthy foods and improving immunity can prevent common cold and cough naturally.

However, it depends on which supplement or herb suits you the best. Of all cold supplements, Garlic Supplement is extremely common and healthy as it is normally tolerated by everyone.

What is a Garlic Supplement?

It is the age of organic supplementation for our health. As our foods have become ‘fast’ and ‘junk’, we often need natural ingredients, herbs, spices and unique fruits and vegetables to restore our health.

As garlic’s strong flavour may not be loved by all, science has put it in the form of a capsule so you get the benefits without any side-effects. We’re talking about such organic, pure and chemical-free garlic supplements.

Whom are Garlic Supplements for?

We could answer ‘whom’ as well as ‘what’ here. Garlic supplements are for everyone but tiny kids. You should feed as many fruits and vegetables to your kids as possible.

Most garlic supplements do not require a doctor’s prescription but we don’t advise you to feed your children any garlic supplements. Otherwise, they’re safe for everyone. 

Garlic Supplementation is usually for cold, cough, low immunity, cholesterol, blood pressure and cardiovascular problems. Since it has many great properties, garlic works miraculously for cold and cough.

How do Garlic Supplements work for common colds?

A normal garlic supplement dosage for common cold and flu should be 600 to 1200 mg a day. If you decide to eat raw garlic, you can have two cloves of garlic twice or thrice a day. Most garlic supplements have to be taken with a glass of water with or without meals.

Which form of Garlic Supplements should you take?

Garlic Supplements usually come in the form of soft gels or capsules. However, you may also find some powder supplements that have dried garlic powder in them or some herbal tonics may contain garlic as well.

Since most people do not love the strong smell and taste that lingers in your mouth after eating it, they prefer soft gels or capsules.

Which properties of Garlic benefit the common cold?

Garlic contains many beneficial properties:

  • Acts as a Multivitamin: Garlic acts as a multivitamin as it has manganese, selenium, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and antioxidants such as allicin.
  • Antiseptic: It slows down the growth of bad microorganisms in your gut that bring your immunity levels down.


  • Antibacterial: Garlic helps kill bacteria that can be very harmful during the common cold. It promotes the growth of good bacteria so your body can naturally fight the common cold.


  • Antifungal: It prevents fungal infections that can weaken your immunity and make symptoms of cold and flu severe.
  • Antiviral: Garlic fights viruses very effectively. It prevents viral infections and protects your respiratory organs well. It even keeps you warm during the common cold.


What are some of the best Garlic Supplements for Common Colds?

Some of the best garlic supplements that you can consume for the treatment of common colds are listed below:

This is a very ancient formula containing lots of garlic that can benefit your overall health. The formula helps improve your immunity and flushes out bad toxins, bacteria and other invaders that can impact you.

This is equivalent to eating a garlic clove every time you have a capsule. We can safely say that Now Supplements have come up with a replacement of the pain of chewing raw garlic cloves.

It is an organic supplement that not only strengthens your immunity but also reduces symptoms of sickness and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. It has too many antioxidants that prevent the common cold.

It has the aged garlic extract which is proven to be more effective than any garlic supplement. It is 100% safe and supports your overall health. So while you treat cold, you’re also treating other organs.

With an appropriate dosage of 1000 mg of garlic, it supports your cardiovascular health and boosts immunity with its antioxidants.

You can take these supplements daily to enhance your overall health and prevent episodes of headaches, congestion and cough due to common colds.

When are the benefits of taking Garlic Supplements for Common Colds?

Most people experience many other benefits than just prevention of common colds. Here’s a list of benefits:

  • It reduces your chance of catching an illness.
  • It helps you recover faster from headaches, nausea, congestion, earaches and other symptoms.
  • It boosts your immunity so you not only fight cold naturally but also fight other illnesses.
  • It helps break the mucus to help relieve nasal and chest congestion.
  • It helps prevent sore throat as well.
  • It can even help you destroy the flu virus.
  • It benefits your heart health the most.

Do Garlic Supplements have any side-effects?

No, most garlic supplements are safe for consumption. However, as mentioned above, you can check with your doctor if you plan on giving the supplements to your children.

Excessive garlic supplementation can have reverse effects in some cases so always check with your doctor or follow the dosage instructions.

Consume the supplements for a limited duration only. Prolonged reliability of any herb or medication can have side-effects. WebMD explains that excessive consumption can even cause diarrhoea, asthma, stomach problems or liver issues in rare cases.

Are there any studies that suggest how Garlic Supplements can cure colds?

PubMed explains, “Supplementation with aged garlic extract improves both NK and γδ-T cell function and reduces the severity of cold and flu symptoms.

These results suggest that supplementation of the diet with aged garlic extract may enhance immune cell function and that this may be responsible, in part, for reduced severity of colds and flu.”

Hence, we can say that Garlic supplements may not be the panacea to the common cold but can certainly reduce the number of times you have to suffer from cold and flu, also its severity.