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Beetroot Supplement Benefits for Bodybuilding

Beetroot is said to be the best root vegetable that boosts blood flow and increases haemoglobin levels. No wonder people have started including beets in their daily diets.

Although people eat beetroot, they’re unable to eat it in large quantities. It is almost impossible to have raw beet for some people as it has a unique taste. Hence, people may have beet juices or include beet in small amounts in your salads.

As red as a beet, as strong as a beet. A beet’s colour represents blood cells and that is exactly what it does. It boosts the blood flow to a level where your body starts feeling pumped up and active. 

Nutritional Powerhouse: Beetroot

Beetroot is also known as Beta Vulgaris and is medicinally used as an ergogenic supplement. It is rich in several minerals, vitamins and nutrients that hard to avail from other vegetables or ingredients.

It contains vitamin C, carotenoids, phenolic acids, and flavonoids, and nitrate. When you consume beetroot juice, raw beetroot or beetroot supplement, it boosts the flow of nitric oxide production in your body.

This is very helpful in increasing muscle strength and muscle contraction. It is said to have a good cardiorespiratory response as well.

How is Beetroot related to Bodybuilding?

You may require athletic strength and stamina to build a good body. A good body doesn’t simply come without constant and regular workouts. You must work really hard with determination.

In order to do so, you need strength. That strength comes from blood flow boosting and stamina boosting supplements: Beetroot supplements.

Can Beetroots be taken alone to build lean muscles?

No, you can’t do so. Consuming beetroots alone may not be that effective. For some people, beetroots may be hard to be absorbed.

Hence, it is best you drink beet juice or consume it in the form of a supplement. Supplements may have additional ingredients that help your body absorb the nutrients of beetroot faster.

Most doctors and nutritionists advise people to consume beetroot supplements over raw beetroot.

Of course, if you love raw beetroots, you must consume them. But don’t expect a sudden change in health, raw veggies and fruits take time to show results.

What are the benefits of Beetroot Supplement for Bodybuilding?

Apart from its blood-boosting and muscle-building benefits, there is a lot more for you!

  • Blood Flow:

Beet helps the blood flow everywhere including your muscles, tissues and other organs. This can be done by just consuming 100gm of beetroot supplement a day.

  • Controls Blood Pressure:

When you workout too much, your blood pressure levels may spike up. Beetroot helps reduce your high blood pressure. 

  • Controls Blood Sugar:

Some beetroot supplements also help the diabetics control their blood sugar so they can exercise without worrying about their type 2 diabetes.

  • Reduces Muscular Fatigue:

The nitric oxide production in beetroot supplements reduce muscular fatigue in people who work out excessively. 

  • Good for Resistance Training:

When people are on resistance training they need more energy production which is available in beetroot.

  • Muscle Contraction:

Beetroot supplements can boost calcium release to support bones, joints and improve muscle contraction.

You may start with a milder dosage of beetroot supplement (100 mg) and increase the dosage gradually.

What are some of the best Beetroot Supplements for Bodybuilding?

Some of the best beetroot supplements for bodybuilding include the following:

It is the most amazing nitric oxide booster. It has two nitric oxide test slips inside the packet. Healthcare practitioners’ have tried this and recommended many people already.

This formula is said to boost endurance for muscle and strength training as the ingredients help your body to absorb all the nutrients quickly. It is a pre-workout supplement to help you build leaner muscles.

With an amazing flavour, this superfood supplement is backed by science to boost your athletic performance. It is used by top-level athletes.

The largest dose of beetroot is seen in this supplement. It contains certain sugars and starches that help boost the energy levels for the best athletic performance.

This supplement not only supercharges your muscles and energy but also takes care of your entire body as it acts as a multivitamin, iron supplement and gluten-free performance support. You may have never seen anything like this before.

There are many other beetroot supplements as well. However, please check the labels before you buy them. Some supplements may only boost iron content in your body while some may not have enough of beet extract in them. So checking a label is a must. 

Who should buy Beetroot supplements for Bodybuilding?

Beetroot is proven to be extremely safe for consumption; however, when it comes to taking the supplement, you’ll be taking a lot more than just beetroot.

Some supplements may have adverse reactions for some people. So here’s who can consume beetroot supplements…

  • If you have been diagnosed with iron deficiency, beetroot is excellent for you.
  • If you always feel low and have no energy, beetroot supplements may boost your blood flow.
  • If you have thyroid, blood sugar or blood pressure problems, beetroot supplements with other herbs may help reduce the severity of these conditions.
  • If you’re trying to lose weight or gain muscles, beetroot supplements increase muscle contractions that can do so.

These supplements are said to be organically made and hence some people even feed it to their kids. However, it is advisable to consult a doctor if you have a pre-existing condition or are a pregnant or breastfeeding mother

Are there any claims to support the functioning of Beetroot Supplements for Bodybuilding? 

The effects of Nitric Oxide in beet in promoting vasodilation and blood flow with beneficial impacts on muscle contraction, several studies have detected an ergogenic effect of beetroot juice supplementation on exercise efforts with high oxidative energy metabolism demands. (NCBI)

To conclude…

Beetroot supplements ate indeed a great way to treat low energy levels, blood pressure and blood sugar imbalances and can help you increase muscle endurance, strength and vitality.

Some studies prove how it can act as a multivitamin on its own. Be careful about the supplement labels. You only want to buy the best beetroot supplements. 

Happy bodybuilding with beet! Take care!


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