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Be MindfulWhat is Be Mindful

Be Mindful is an amazing dietary formula perfectly designed to improve concentration and boost your cognitive function.

This innovative product is well formulated, and it improves attention, focus, and memory. It is designed and manufactured by “BeMore,” who claims that unlike overpriced supplements like Prevagen or Focus Factor, their one-of-a-kind formula delivers natural anxiety and stress relief with the best mood-boosting, focus enhancing and memory improvement ingredients for optimum mental performance and brain health.

They further argue that it relaxes the mind and body while keeping consumer alert and in the present so they can manage their hectic life.

Be Mindful Ingredients

Be Mindful produced by beMore contains the following active ingredients: Vitamin B1 1.5 mg, Vitamin B2 1.7 mg, Niacin 20 mg, Vitamin B6 2 mg, Folate 400 mcg, Vitamin B12 6 mcg, Pantothenic acid 10 mg, Magnesium 50 mg, Potassium 30 mg, and Proprietary Herbal Blend (St. John’s Wort extract, Valerian Root extract, Hops extract, Skullcap herb powder, Blue Cohosh herb powder, and Peppermint herb powder) 630 mg.

Other ingredients include Dicalcium phosphate, microcrystalline cellulose, croscarmellose, sodium, stearic acid, silica, vegetable stearate, and pharmaceutical glaze.

Benefits of Be Mindful

Be Mindful is a scientifically engineered product with a perfect blend of St.John’s Wort, Acetyl L-Carnitine, Vinpocetine, and PhosphatidylSerine. These ingredients are perfectly combined to increase blood flow to the brain, help in improving efficiency in neurological processing, enhancing cognitive speed and maintaining optimal brain function.

St.John’s Wort is effective at quickly crossing the blood-brain barrier and is essential for providing energy to the mitochondria in neurons. It has been shown in trials to provide a significant improvement in concentration and memory, even in those with mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease. In another study, Acetyl L-Carnitine was found so convincing at energizing the neurons that it was even able to slow down the progression of early onset Alzheimer’s.

Phosphatidylserine is a natural phospholipid present in our brains. It is crucial to carry out neuron to neuron communication. It has shown remarkable benefits in several human trials. Study subjects with age-related memory impairment had significantly increased cognitive performance with this compound. It consistently improves learning and memory retention in older patients.

Vinpocetine drives oxygen and nutrients through the micro blood vessels deep into brain tissue, aiding brain cells in new development and improving memory. It is so effective that even in individuals with mild-to-moderate dementia, it gave remarkable improvements in cognitive performance.

Be Mindful is manufactured by BeMore. The company offers high-quality cognitive enhancing supplements around the globe. Also, the company is transparent regarding their formulations at the same time they have an excellent customer care services. This manufacturer claims that Be Mindful is highly beneficial in stimulating your level of alertness, increases one’s intelligence, and helps to reduce some of the nervousness and anxiety. The manufacturer also claims that their product can boost blood circulation towards the brain and reduces early symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

How Much Does Be Mindful Cost?

Be Mindful is available in bottles of 60 capsules each (30 servings). Each bottle costs $21.25, making Be Mindful an average-priced brain supplement.

The supplement can be purchased online from various retailers (such as Amazon US). These retailers may offer discounts and even free shipping on certain orders.

Potential Be Mindful Side Effects

Be Mindful is advertised as safe to use when taken as recommended (two capsules per day). The formula contains mostly ingredients proven to be safe to take with no reported side effects. However, it also contains St. John’s Wort, an herbal extract known to cause mild adverse effects in some users.


  • It helps in improving optimal brain function and reducing memory impairment
  • It aids in increasing blood flow to the brain and helps in enhancing cognitive speed
  • It supports anxiety and reduces stress
  • It improves memory and brain metabolism


  • It may trigger a headache in certain users
  • There is no money back guarantee
  • There are limited clinical trials or evidence to back up its claims

Final Verdict

Be Mindful is an excellent nootropic supplement on the market whose results are seen much faster. It is safe based on several positive feedbacks from consumers. It increases connections between brain cells and halts memory loss. If you need to improve your mental performance, enhance your cognitive function and elevate your level of alertness, then you need to purchase this nootropic supplement because it is highly effective.

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