Andarine (S4): Don’t buy this SARM before you read our shocking review!

andarineWhat is Andarine?

Also referred to as S4, it is a SARM produced by GTX, Inc. It was created initially to take care of muscle wasting, bloated prostate, osteoporosis, and other different disorders. Its steroid-like benefits have made it gain immense popularity nowadays among the bodybuilders.

Among the available most in-demand SARMs found in the market these days, it is considered the weakest of all when we talk about the natural steroid-like benefits. In fact, Andarine was produced initially for medical purposes and it is not at all associated with some harmful side effects from other SARMs in the market like the Ostarine and LGD-4033.

What it’s used for

It is used for bodybuilding purposes. Andarine is usually combined with other SARMs like for instance the Ostarine, LGD-4033 and also Cardarine for strength gains, speed up the size gains and also for fat loss. Andarine is also known for its cosmetic effects in bodybuilding as it helps in drying an individual out slightly an, in turn, makes the muscle look somehow harder. It also has slight effects to heal the joints and increase vascularity.

How it works

Andarine behavior is quite similar to that of androgen receptors partial agonist orally activated. According to researches that have been conducted before, it was deduced that this compound was helpful just lie finasteride to minimize prostate weight. But then no case of either any anti-androgenic unwanted effect or a decrease in the muscular mass was reported. What does this mean? It implies that Andarine can prevent dihydrotestosterone by simply placing a focus on receptors without bringing about any damage like the 5a-reductase inhibitor to the muscle gains.

To add on this, just like other SARMs in the market, Andarine has the capability to affix to androgen receptors without triggering any case of androgenic action during the process in the non-skeletal muscular tissues. It is a fact that Andarine is predicted to attach around half as strong without necessarily causing any androgenic side effect as straight testosterone. Apart from its greatness to the females, it is the perfect solution to the male people with no intention of coping with any androgenic effects.

How it is administered

The common forms of this drug are in the liquid state and users can consider buying it in different quantities and at different concentrations also.

Out of every seven days of the week, the normal recommendation by the experts is used in just five weekdays despite the fact that the drug can be used even for an extended cycle as such. There are those who can decide to provide themselves a single day off at the course of the week and another day off towards the end of your dosage, others can decide on a continuous five day consuming and two days off routine after completing the dose. The routine greatly helps to ensure that the SARMs cycle is maintained pretty constant without any cases of blood levels fluctuations.

The benefits of Andarine

Using Andarine has got a lot of benefits with it. First, the drug has the ability to get rid of any excess body fats as it keeps improving your lean muscle mass and the skeletal muscle power. In contrast with other few supplement forms in the market, the weight loss will not at all result in catabolism. This drug furthermore is capable of offering a lean and hard appearance by simply ensuring the muscle mass is dried up and in turn, making it such a perfect pre-competition drug.

From studies that have been carried out, Andrine’s androgenic effect makes it perfect to be used to minimize gynecomastia.

This drug helps in remedying the muscle losing ailment apart from its benefit to building the body muscles along with harmless prostate hypertrophy.

The side effects

Testosterone suppression is the first Andarine side effect we should talk about. This effect is reported only when your cycle extends to over eight weeks or in case it chances you took more than the recommended dosages. 70 mg gradual build-up dose is normal but anything over this amount gets an individual to experience this side effect. But then, testosterone suppression side effects that this drug reports is minimal and can be get rid by the right post-cycle and on-cycle support.

Another side effect of this drug by less common is its involvement in vision problems. This is actually nothing so serious but there are users who have reported a yellowish tint in the visual field while this drug is still active in their entire systems. However, this problem can be powered through the small vision change simply because it is mostly only reported during the night hours. If in case you experience some discomfort with this problem, it is recommended to remedy it using a five-days 2 days off the routine split.


Using appropriate dosages is essential when you decide to use this drug. If you have decided on it, compulsory quantities of either 50 mg or 75 mg are important and all this should be done in five days a week. This should be tried for a minimum of around twelve weeks. So, it’s clear that it is not necessary that you take this three times a day but this is essential to keep you alert that it should be taken on a regular basis, consider 25 mg with three meals of the day routinely. In case you need to regularly receive your results without necessarily running the appropriate cycle, then an individual will notice a reduction of the total received outcomes. Look at this example, if you take the drug for over 16 weeks, there is no case of additional muscle tissue and you can even encounter added unwanted effects from it.

Conclusion on Andarine

Andarine can also be such a strong lean muscle builder if used at high doses. The drug provides clear results in body recomposition stages or cutting stages. When it comes to dry, grainy detail to a complex physical structure, Andarine outclasses other SARMs easily and therefore, this is the perfect pre-contest SARM to think about.