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Welcome to SupplementsDen.com, the place where a team of professional researchers, content writers, and several supplement testers will try out and review the best supplements available at this very moment. We will focus on brain supplements, weight loss pills, fitness supplements, natural or organic herbal remedies, multivitamins, and diet plans for fast and safe weight loss.

Our work is important!

Unlike other similar supplement reviews websites, we will focus our efforts on those products that matter, high rated brain supplements, fitness, weight loss, multivitamins, diet plans, and herbal remedies that may be good enough to offer you the promised results.

So don’t hesitate and join SupplementsDen’s community. We all share a huge passion for nutrition. Read our in-depth supplement reviews without all the unnecessary scientific jargon no one understands, misleading information, and undocumented claims often found in dietary supplement manufacturers today. If you are that type of person that prefers “Quality” over “Quantity,” then this is the perfect place for you.

It’s all about integrity

To ensure the complete integrity of our research, we will never accept payments or any other forms of compensation from companies. Our main source of funding (because yes, even independent websites such as SupplementsDen require funding to operate) is obtained throughout affiliate programs with various platforms such as Amazon or Commission Junction. Thus, SupplementsDen is supported no matter the product you choose to purchase.

So if you want to support us, please order the supplement you like throughout our affiliate links. It means a great deal to us!

Fair ranking system

We believe our ranking system to be fair for each category of supplements we review. Our ranking system was built with the needs of our readers in mind. We firmly believe that consumers of nutritional supplements must have access to all the information they require on one single page, and each reviewed product must have a clear and easy to understand rating attached.

How the rating system works:

  • Product Quality – Supplements produced in cGMP certified facilities will receive a better score. Supplements manufactured according to FDA guidelines, or those that have received the FDA approval, will get even a better score. Finally, we will rate the quality of the ingredients used. For instance, certified organic herbal supplements will receive a better score than average herbal supplements.
  • Label Accuracy – This will tell you how accurate the supplement label is. Can you find all the necessarily information there(how much of each ingredient was used, a full list of ingredients, warnings, information regarding production standards, recommended dosage and how to take it)? If yes, the supplement will receive a better score.
  • Ingredient Safety – Even if a supplement is advertised by company as “perfectly safe” to use, that’s not always true. Usually, supplements include ingredients that have been associated with potentially dangerous side effects. These are the ingredients that can interact, in a negative way, with other supplements, prescription medication, or pre-existing medical conditions. Formulas containing such potentially dangerous ingredients will receive a lower score.
  • Supplement Efficacy – This rating is heavily based on what other real consumers have to say about the product. The more real testimonials and honest reviews we can find, the better.
  • Affordability – Supplements are rated based on the cost per serving, not the cost per bottle. For example, a 30 capsules bottle that costs $30 may look cheap enough. But if the recommended dose is two or three capsules per day, that means at least two bottles will be needed for a full month of treatment, which can double or even triple the initial cost.

Let’s make all these about YOU!

Multivitamin for MenWhile we are extremely confident in our research, you need to remember that no supplement is for everyone. Yes, companies haven’t discovered the “universal” supplement yet. Shocking, right?

Each is different, and he will react differently to various supplements. It is impossible to say which nutrients each person needs the most, but we can still help you with your research, and hopefully, our recommendations will help you chose a formula that will keep your whole body healthy and active!

Feel free to share your experiences

We encourage everyone to join our great community here. Please feel free to share the experience you had with various brain supplements, weight loss pills, fitness supplements, natural or organic herbal remedies, multivitamins, or diet plans by posting comments or by emailing us directly using our contact form here.